Video surveillance is essential to protecting your business from theft and other malicious acts. TelWare works with several partners, including Blue Iris, AXIS and Hitek, to create custom solutions to match your specific needs. We provide scalable solutions to protect your investment no matter your business size. Our video-surveillance solutions can have a wide range of uses, such as monitoring factory-production facilities, loading docks, warehouses and employee productivity. In addition, video surveillance is essential for loss prevention, litigation avoidance and incident investigation.

Surveillance Camera

Some systems even offer a mobile application. You can remotely utilize two-way talk to any camera on the system. Your mobile application will alert you any way that you want and give you remote access to pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ), infrared and more. This is especially useful for night surveillance. Recordings can be accessed remotely from anywhere on the mobile and browser dashboard.

Video and sound recordings can be triggered by motion detection and audio detection. These settings can be changed based on time and date. If desired, you can set a time and date overlay on video recordings. These systems are compatible with most existing IP cameras and can be combined with access control points for a total solution.