Video conferencing is a great resource that many Charlotte businesses are utilizing. Through the use of video, businesses can expand their client base more than ever before. IP-based technology serves as an excellent avenue for conducting business over distance, when you need to see as much as hear the person you're communicating with.

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Video Meeting

"The heart of effectively using video conferencing is your ability to clearly get your thoughts across," explains Mike Canipe of TelWare. "If you are unable to do this, just as much time could be spent fumbling with your video system than actually collaborating."

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Reduces Travel Costs

You can eliminate the majority of your routine travel expenses through the use of video conferencing. Businesses enjoy the immediacy of real-time conversations from their home offices, without having to invest funds into transportation, lodging accommodations and daily expenses.

Improves Productivity

Businesses collaborating over distance using verbal and nonverbal cues process information quicker. Since you can see as well as hear the person you’re speaking with, it is easier to stay focused. Decisions can be made faster, and various assignments can be completed sooner.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

Video conferencing supports the exchange of a wider range of knowledge. This creates a competitive edge for businesses. With the ability to make decisions quicker, your business can release new products and services into the market more frequently.

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