There is an 'i' in Teams. Integration

TelWare offers an integration with Microsoft Teams that allows you to keep the Teams you love, while integrating a cost-effective phone system that brings extended collaboration features. You will benefit from our advanced platform functionalities, as well as our expert customer service - all while keeping a simple, integrated and well-tested user experience.

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Integrate Teams with Any Popular Phone System

TelWare proudly offers a cloud platform that connects with Microsoft Teams. Our low-cost monthly subscription​ keeps Microsoft's monopoly out of your pocket. Simple deployment means you are up and running in minutes. Ditch the cumbersome hardware and upgrades to software​ on your phone system. In fact, you don't even need to purchase a phone from Microsoft. We can help with that. Have peace of mind with enterprise-grade encryption and built-in security. Let TelWare's five-star remote service and support back you up without any hidden fees.

  • Continue using your existing phone system with all the features you rely on
  • Pick which device to use (phone system or Microsoft Teams)
  • Take advantage of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options
  • Keep your compliance specifications or call-center features as they are
  • Use your business phone number for mobile texting
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TelWare's Team Installation Calling Plan

Who says you need to be locked into Microsoft plan? Keep everything you love about Teams at a fraction of the cost with TelWare's Calling Plan. Connect your TelWare service to Teams without buying additional hardware or software. Manage complex scenarios and keep your security tight with a calling plan you can trust. Scale-up from just a few users to tens of thousands with confidence and flexibility.

✓    Our pricing plans are highly flexible and with the ability to pool calling plans, we can dramatically reduce your costs.

✓    Our customization options and world-class customer service
means you'll never have to figure it out yourself.

✓    Use your own device as an endpoint vs. Teams-only devices.

✓    Take advantage of fully-functional cloud PBX and Call Center capabilities.

✓    Retain your current call rates and numbers.

✓    Maintain a multi-site dialing plan.




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Calling Plan Questions

Can’t I just use Microsoft calling plans in Teams? Yes, you certainly can! TelWare's calling plan is much lower and provides you with better options for your budget. Here are some other common questions, we are happy to answer:

Can I dial internationally? Yes, TelWare's calling plan can include international calling plans starting at $7.99 with low fixed per-minute rates.

How does it work? TelWare replaces Microsoft's calling and international plans.

Can I use my current cloud phone system with Microsoft Teams? Yes, with our Teams integration you get to keep your existing phone, saving you money. You also get to choose the device you want to use, whether you are working remotely or from the office. Connect any time and from any device. 


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