While network switches are often considered a point of cost savings by many small businesses, they are essential to the connection of a network. They are widely used and allow you to connect several different devices at once. If it has a wire, it probably is connected to a switch. The pricing of switches can vary widely from consumer grade switches cost just a couple hundred dollars to enterprise grade into the thousands. TelWare can handle the switching evironment in your network and work with you to provide the best network configuration solutions that fit your needs.

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TelWare supports a wide array of layer 2 and layer 3 switches from various manufacturing. We have experience deploying simplistic flat networks for small businesses to large enterprises supporting over 60 VLANs. Their devices come in an array of options and configurations. Let us help you choose the right one.

Among the brands of switches that TelWare carries are Adtran, Avaya, Extreme and Ubiquiti Unifi.

Network switching using QoS (Quality of Service) functionality to prioritize voice over IP services ahead of standard data services and VLAN (virtual Lan service), so that your conversations will be clear and without connection interruptions. This is an essential feature to every network that uses VoIP, as it will enable clarity for your voice communication. TelWare is very experiencing in the configuration required for various business and can manage a switch deployment end to end.


A router is a hardware device for networks which routes network packets, based on their addresses, to other devices or networks. This device that sits on the edge of the network and manages the locations of other services on the network. Using correct routing protocol and a management plan ensures maximum performance out of your network. TelWare will work with you and determine the best routing solutions for your specific needs. We will take care of configuring your routers and ensure that you have an efficient network setup. In addition to routers, TelWare provides AP's (Access Points) that can work as extensions to routers and extend the range of your wireless network. TelWare offers several different brands of routers, and we will help you to choose the best one for your configuration.