Co-Location Services

The Need for Co-Location

In today's data-driven environment, it can be difficult for many businesses to keep up with the staggering increase in digital assets. Businesses like yours have servers, storage, and networking equipment to supply their growing business needs. With this need comes cost. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for the capital expenditures necessary to run your business, consider using co-location to solve your problem.

Co-Location is simply moving your infrastructure components into a secure facility where someone else provides the secure space, connectivity, power, and cooling for your equipment. Charlotte is ranked as the 2nd largest banking center in the US. With such designation comes many options for co-location services from multiple providers. Let TelWare help you navigate the viable options for your business.

Contact Center

As the younger generations become buyers, interactions within businesses are evolving. The phone is no longer the only way to reach customers. Web chat, text and email are all integral parts of the customer journey to connect and communicate with your business. Omnichannel call centers can integrate all of these components and prioritize agents based on skill sets, thus creating the ultimate customer-service experience.

Sound Masking

While most enterprises aim to create a quiet and private environment, it’s often not possible. In many office settings, the number of employees often expands faster than the physical space. In medical facilities, open floor plans prevent patient privacy. And in hotels, tightly spaced rooms amplify noise, irritating guests. Fortunately, a cost-effective solution is available for these common scenarios. Sound masking is the addition of sound (often white noise) to cover up, or “mask,” undesired noise; the desired effect is accomplished by increasing ambient background sounds close to the level of disruptive ones.

Cell Boosters

Are you having trouble getting a cell signal inside your business?

Does your phone lose bars as soon as you get to your office?

If you can make a phone call at any single location outside of your building, a cell phone signal booster will bring that signal inside. A cell phone signal booster captures a nearby cellular signal, amplifies it, and broadcasts that signal in the desired space.