Work Smarter With Advanced Unified Communication Services

Your team uses a variety of devices to get their work done in and out of the office—but communicating across channels from different locations can be difficult. You need a reliable, flexible communications system with a robust set of features to streamline your workflows and reduce expenses. TelWare provides VoIP phone solutions that integrate seamlessly with other unified features to support communication anytime, anywhere. We deploy unified communications over your broadband-internet connection, which eliminates complicated wiring, reduces physical infrastructure and minimizes costs. Gain improved internal communication and a more professional representation when you connect with clients and customers.

Below are just a few of the ways that a unified communication system can accelerate your business:

  • Improved conferencing and collaboration
  • HD-quality sound
  • Visual voicemail and enhanced screen sharing
  • Smart forwarding for mobile and remote team members
  • Intelligent call distribution
  • Affordable monthly bill
  • Email, fax, text and teleconference system integration

TelWare Cloud PBX

TelWare Corporation was founded in 1984 as a dealer of traditional business phone systems and communications cabling. As technology has evolved, we leveraged our expertise in the telephony field to provide a full-featured, cloud-based phone system to address specific customer needs and requests. With over 30 years of expertise, we have designed a solution to meet the vast majority of our customers needs.

Voice Communications

Voice communication systems are a critical component of most organizations today as they have been for almost 100 years. The ability to communicate with the right people at the right time is increasingly important as the business climate continues to accelerate. What has changed are how these systems are deployed and managed. Voice communication which was tied to a desk in years past can now happen anytime and anyplace as you choose. Our team of telecom experts will work with you to understand your requirements and to optimize and customize your telephone system to suit you. We deliver the best business phone systems, installation and maintenance services, as well as applications and processes.

Video Communications

Video conferencing is a great resource that many Charlotte businesses are utilizing. Through the use of video, businesses can expand their client base more than ever before. IP-based technology serves as an excellent avenue for conducting business over distance, when you need to see as much as hear the person you're communicating with.

Contact Center

As the younger generations become buyers, interactions within businesses are evolving. The phone is no longer the only way to reach customers. Web chat, text and email are all integral parts of the customer journey to connect and communicate with your business. Omnichannel call centers can integrate all of these components and prioritize agents based on skill sets, thus creating the ultimate customer-service experience.


Conferencing is a great resource that businesses of all sizes are utilizing. Through the use of voice and video conferencing, businesses can expand their client bases more than ever before. Technology serves as an excellent avenue for conducting business across multiple locations. With expanded conferencing services, these can be deployed beside existing systems or as part of a new deployment.


Having mobile flexibility is essential to productivity and efficiency in today’s mobile world. With the number of employees working remotely ever increasing, the need to expand mobility is prevalent. Employees need to have access to the company network at home, and this includes the company phone system. With TelWare’s technology, you can expand your company’s geographic footprint and proceed towards a more productive and mobile future.


What if you could subscribe to a single service that provides complete communications across the globe? What if you could incorporate the initial saving of VOIP with other digital communications such as messaging, video, texting, and conferencing, and extend them across the enterprise? This is the goal of cloud unified communications delivered as a service. Unified communications as a service (often simply called UCaaS) is a cloud delivery model that offers a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services, generally over the global IP network. With UCaaS, unified communications services can be made available from the cloud to enterprises.