Qualities of a Reliable Data Infrastructure

Data infrastructure refers to the digital underpinning or structural framework that supports a system or organization. Digital infrastructure consists of both physical and virtual assets that provide for manipulation of data to fulfill the needs and requirements of an organization. Data infrastructure has various designs; it is either centralized or decentralized. Centralized infrastructure has one standard data center, whereas decentralized infrastructure has multiple centers run by a separate cloud provider or the organization's IT team.

Data centers encompass a variety of physical and immaterial resources. Physical infrastructure includes cooling systems to support hardware vulnerable to heat, a stable power supply that prevents interruptions, building elements such as walls with high ceilings, sensors, power distribution units (PDUs), or rooms with cable trunks to house delicate hardware. When it comes to the internet, these resources include transmission elements such as wires, routers, antennas and switches. Intangible assets encompass internet connectivity, relevant software and servers.

Data infrastructure is available in two significant ways. It is specially devised or purchased in predefined packages. These predefined packages consist of pre-engineered infrastructure blocks that entail computation, network and storage resources. The package enhances the existing physical and virtual assets and constructs a single platform or system that can intersect with other systems.

A data infrastructure must supply a platform that meets all the relevant IT functions and requests of an organization. An appropriate data infrastructure leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness. The integrated platform allows for identification, comprehension and manipulation of changes in assets to improve an organization's IT support.

Structured Cabling

A well-constructed cabling system is essential to the foundation of your business’s technology. TelWare has long been an industry leader across the Carolinas in providing structured cabling, and we are now extending this service nationwide. TelWare provides several structured-cabling services that support voice, data, and video systems; data-center implementation; intelligent cabling-management software and more in the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). We take care of all stages of the process, from evaluating needs and background information to suggesting multiple solutions and implementing the optimal solution for your company.


TelWare designs, installs, and maintains professional facility paging systems that meet your most demanding requirements. Whether you are in a small office environment or large manufacturing plant, TelWare has the expertise and experience to design and implement a customized paging system.

Access Control Solutions

TelWare offers several different types of access control solutions. These solutions are put in place to provide secure access to your facilities. Access control can be used to restrict specific areas of your location, or your entire location. It can help to simplify employee turnover, as all you need to do is remove a former employee’s access permissions. TelWare partners with Axis to ensure that you keep your company secure and protected.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is essential to protecting your business from theft and other malicious acts. TelWare works with several partners, including Blue Iris, AXIS and Hitek, to create custom solutions to match your specific needs. We provide scalable solutions to protect your investment no matter your business size. Our video-surveillance solutions can have a wide range of uses, such as monitoring factory-production facilities, loading docks, warehouses and employee productivity. In addition, video surveillance is essential for loss prevention, litigation avoidance and incident investigation.


TelWare has an experienced and dedicated staff that are skilled in designing and installing complex networking architectures. A planned and organized network is the best investment that you can make for your data infrastructure. A well-planned and organized network also frees up time and money, and helps to avoid future network problems. We sell, install and maintain network products that will provide your business with the latest technology at affordable prices.

Merchant Services

Why would a telecom company have a merchant-processing product? It’s actually pretty simple. During installations of IP phone systems, we found that some of the older merchant-processing equipment didn’t work reliably, or not at all in some cases, with the newer IP technology.

Sound Masking

While most enterprises aim to create a quiet and private environment, it’s often not possible. In many office settings, the number of employees often expands faster than the physical space. In medical facilities, open floor plans prevent patient privacy. And in hotels, tightly spaced rooms amplify noise, irritating guests. Fortunately, a cost-effective solution is available for these common scenarios. Sound masking is the addition of sound (often white noise) to cover up, or “mask,” undesired noise; the desired effect is accomplished by increasing ambient background sounds close to the level of disruptive ones.

Cell Boosters

Are you having trouble getting a cell signal inside your business?

Does your phone lose bars as soon as you get to your office?

If you can make a phone call at any single location outside of your building, a cell phone signal booster will bring that signal inside. A cell phone signal booster captures a nearby cellular signal, amplifies it, and broadcasts that signal in the desired space.