TelWare designs, installs, and maintains professional facility paging systems that meet your most demanding requirements. Whether you are in a small office environment or large manufacturing plant, TelWare has the expertise and experience to design and implement a customized paging system.

Video Communications

Video conferencing is a great resource that many Charlotte businesses are utilizing. Through the use of video, businesses can expand their client base more than ever before. IP-based technology serves as an excellent avenue for conducting business over distance, when you need to see as much as hear the person you're communicating with.

Access Control Solutions

TelWare offers several different types of access control solutions. These solutions are put in place to provide secure access to your facilities. Access control can be used to restrict specific areas of your location, or your entire location. It can help to simplify employee turnover, as all you need to do is remove a former employee’s access permissions. TelWare partners with Axis to ensure that you keep your company secure and protected.


Conferencing is a great resource that businesses of all sizes are utilizing. Through the use of voice and video conferencing services, businesses can expand their client bases more than ever before. Technology serves as an excellent avenue for conducting business across multiple locations. With expanded conferencing services, these can be deployed beside existing systems or as part of a new deployment.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a critical part of your business-continuity plan. How you protect and manage your data should be a top priority before a critical event happens. Disaster recovery prioritizes problem prevention and helps your business to operate in a business-as-normal state regardless of the circumstances. While businesses who lack a disaster-recovery plan are almost guaranteed to experience long bouts of system downtime, a communication shutdown, loss of data and customer frustration, your business will capitalize on valuable consumer requests that would otherwise be lost.

Routing & Switching

While network switches are often considered a point of cost savings by many small businesses, they are essential to the connection of a network. They are widely used and allow you to connect several different devices at once. If it has a wire, it probably is connected to a switch. The pricing of switches can vary widely from consumer grade switches cost just a couple hundred dollars to enterprise grade into the thousands. TelWare can handle the switching evironment in your network and work with you to provide the best network configuration solutions that fit your needs.

Managed Network

A managed network is a communication network that is built, operated, secured and managed by a third-party service provider. Network support with TelWare allows us to act as an additional resource for infrastructure management. This allows a predictable cost assessment to maintain vital components while on-staff IT support can focus on more strategic deployments. The service is delivered via cloud infrastructure, allowing companies to source the software, infrastructure and technical support services necessary for an IP-based communication network. The entire system is monitored and maintained by us, the service provider.

Managed network services offer critical advantages for small and midsize businesses. For many, the costs and complexity of deploying large-scale business data services outstrip the benefits — but without business network services, organizations can’t effectively compete in a digital-first market.

TelWare’s managed network services allow businesses to access the infrastructure, software and support they need to leverage critical network functions such as firewalls and wireless network connections in addition to necessary hardware such as servers, routers and switches.


MPLS stands for "Multiprotocol Label Switching." The important word is "label," which is what it uses to direct traffic. Internet-data packets typically make several hops from one router to another before reaching their final destination. All the routers know where the packet needs to end up, but each one makes its own decision about where it will go next.If you've ever followed the online tracking of a post-office package, you've seen something similar. You bring the package to the local post office. It sends it to a central office, and from there it goes to another central office closer to the recipient. Then it's sent to a local post office, and finally it's delivered. You don't write on the package where it should go at each step.

TelWare Cloud PBX

TelWare Corporation was founded in 1984 as a dealer of traditional business phone systems and communications cabling. As technology evolved, we leveraged our expertise in the telephony field to provide a full-featured, cloud-based business phone service that addresses hosted PBX solutions and specific customer needs and requests. As cloud PBX providers with over 30 years of expertise, we’ve shifted to voice over IP (VoIP) solutions that provide a full-featured, fully supported communications platform.


Having mobile flexibility is essential to productivity and efficiency in today’s mobile world. With the number of remote workers rapidly increasing, expanded mobility capabilities are critical.

Employees need access to company network services at home or on the road — including everything from emails and documents to the company phone system. With TelWare’s technology and our managed mobility services, you can expand your company’s geographic footprint without losing your local edge.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is the first step toward proactive monitoring and maintenance, while also improving reactive response times. We provide support that is remote, efficient and non-intrusive. At TelWare, our mission is to support your success through network monitoring. Having an efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform in place will improve productivity, increase reliability and save money. IT automation and monitoring means less time and money spent on IT management.

SD-Wan & Hybrid Wan

There's a lot of room for new Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) deployments, and many businesses are getting ready to transition. A market survey reported that 84 percent of respondents consider the technology either "important" or "critical" to automating operations and reducing costs. Businesses are concerned about keeping the transition costs down and having a sufficient business justification for them.