Increase Productivity

The problem with most meetings is that today's mobile workforce does not always allow for in-person meetings. Whether the reasons are logistical or economical, conference calls are a cost-effective alternative. As your small business grows, the need for conferencing more people while creating groups will be with low disruption TelWare’s conference bridge provides that exact solution.

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Easy-to-Use & Secure

All that is required of the participants is that they dial into the bridge using a provided phone number and optional PIN. The conference moderators usually can manage participants through a web portal. A Conference Bridge is the perfect solution for conference meetings with larger attendees, a typical way of communication among enterprises, and it is now an emerging technology adapted by most small business operations. Conferencing using a reliable audio conference bridge takes advantage of the latest in secure technology.

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Cost Effective Alternative

Conference Pro technology can be deployed beside an existing system or as part of a new deployment. Audio conferences make use of telephone technology that is typically already in use at most businesses. If you’re not ready to upgrade your entire system and need a simple conference add-on, Conference Pro is the solution for you.

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Conference Pro Benefits

Reduces Travel Costs

While most small businesses do not require frequent travel to conduct business, having a conferencing technology in place provides a cost saving alternative to sporadic traveling. Businesses will enjoy the immediacy of real-time conversations from their local office, without having to invest funds into transportation, lodging accommodations, and daily expenses.

Improves Productivity

Businesses collaborating over distance using verbal cues process information quicker. Team decisions can be made faster, and various assignments can be completed a lot sooner. Small business owners will experience productivity improvement among its employees and clients.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

Voice conferencing supports the exchange of wide range of knowledge. This creates a competitive edge for small businesses by having the ability to make business decisions quicker. Collaboration on a project happens instantly. Releasing new products into the market much faster is a real victory for small businesses.

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