Prevent Unwanted Calls & TDoS Attacks

Block 99% of annoying spam calls even if the spammers are spoofing or changing numbers. Quick set-up delivers peace of mind knowing that all suspicious calls are rerouted. RoboBlock stops TDoS attacks (or Call Flooding) from overwhelming your voice lines and systems, preventing legitimate calls from getting through.

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No Additional Equipment

RoboBlock works with your existing phone system. You can finally put an end to those annoying phone scammers and get on track! Let us show you how easy robocall prevention can be.

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Technology You Can Trust

Our RoboBlock technology uses dynamic traffic analysis to verify phone numbers for legitimacy. RoboBlock will search phone numbers against an up-to-the-minute database. Immediately screening for risk RoboBlock assigns a fraud score. If the current call is identified as a fraudulent call, then it is routed and blocked from your phone. Suspicious calls are also screened and sent to an auto responder. It is then verified against a human testing validator.

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