Expand Your Business Capability

Traditional fax machines and fax servers can leave your business vulnerable to non-compliance practices. Transmitting faxes over insecure phone lines are to be avoided at all costs. Use SecureFax to expand your business capabilities, protect your patient's privacy and your business reputation.

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Trade-Up From Your Outdated Machine

SecureFax’s flexibility lets you send and receive faxes from around the world on desktops, phones or tablets in a secure and compliant way. Close important business deals, review medical records and share critical documents right away from any device.

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Bring Organization To Your Small Business

Keep your office clean and organized. Save space with up-to-date technology. No need to hold on to outdated equipment. Cut out the paper trail and become eco-friendly by eliminating unnecessary hard-copy faxes.

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SecureFax Features

Secured Web Portal

Get instant notifications whenever a fax successfully transmits, no more missed or failed fax deliveries. Send/receive documents by accessing SecureFax through a web portal using a secure SSL connection. Transmission from the server to a recipient is always secured.


Your small business will have a dedicated phone number to send/receive faxes via email, versus an outdated fax machine. An email notification will alert you whenever a new fax has been received.


Switching to SecureFax can help lower the cost of office admin fees. No more equipment maintenance or replacing toner cartridges from a conventional fax machine.

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