Ideal for Small Businesses

Gene Marks, a small-business owner and contributor to Forbes Media understands this. He discusses these advantages in the article "The Pros of Hosted Phone Systems":

"Are hosted phone systems good for just about every small business? Frankly, yes. There's no hardware. You can give an extension to that sales guy in Tupelo, Miss., and he'll get his calls directly or sent to him any number of ways. Having been a user for five-plus years I can't really complain about the reliability."

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Communicate Like Never Before

With an upgraded business telephone system, you will be able to communicate like never before, share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device. Reduce the cost of updating out-of-date equipment. Rack space as a cloud-based solution does not need much on-site equipment. You benefit with less hardware and maintenance costs.

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Connect with Scalable Communication Systems

Join emerging technology with the ability to create agile, scalable communication systems. Connect everyone, including staff, customers, and partners. Elevate to a new level. Optimizing day-to-day operations with all in one phone system that is modern and easy to use. Discover the many advantages of its high performing, multi-productivity enhancing features right away.

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Cloud Phone Benefits

Save on Telecommuter Costs

Reduce cost and bring up productivity. Every employee has access to extensions over the internet. Connect with your mobile device no matter where business takes you. Hosted solutions are cloud-based and built for the future of work.

CRM Integration

Massive library of integrations to use with TelWare's Cloud system. Package all in one bundle. Click to call capabilities, linking inbound calls are no problem. Get customer records and logged calls for better performance.

Fixed Costs

A managed phone system gives you a budget for a fixed cost. No surprises at the end of the month. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty that may not cover hidden expenses. From labor to faulty parts, make sure you are covered. With a maintenance contract, we make sure your phone is not down. Have peace of mind knowing new parts are covered with normal use. We provide a discounted rate for moves, additions, and changes.

Low Cost of Ownership

No hardware to buy or expensive repair costs. Why pay for equipment you do not need? A cloud phone system is virtual and gives you freedom. You save more money without a dedicated office space to host hardware. Cloud-based PBX systems are also scalable, so adding or removing lines is simple.

Managed Support

Small businesses have enough to worry about. Refocus on what matters and let us remove the hassle and complexity. We manage the health of your system for you and fix problems head-on.

Disaster Recovery

A million things can go wrong. Knowing your data is safe helps you sleep at night. Redundancy helps optimize your company fully. We handle pivotal moments and make safety top priority.


Think toll-free numbers are only for big business? Think again! Smaller customers can enjoy having a toll-free number backed by reliable hosted PBX. TelWare offers the following toll-free numbers: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. Our toll-free numbers are a simple monthly charge. We add the small fee to your hosted monthly bill.

TelWare Cloud Systems

Employees are on the move. Staying mobile is essential for this new era of high-tech worker. Bring your business up to date with streamlined efficiency. Do more while being flexible. Missing calls means missing business. OneCloud gives you the confidence to answer every call no matter where you are. From desk phones, online meetings, or on mobile, you stay ahead of the tech curve. Foster a forward-thinking plan for mobile and features on your current phone system. The future of your workforce needs information at their fingertips. Everything, including emails, documents, and the company phone system, needs to be easy to reach. Expand your global footprint without losing your local edge.

Let the business world come to you. With OneCloud you can make any location your world with seamless phone integration. Click here to learn more about the great benefits of OneCloud.

Evolve Your Communications

It’s a complete unified communications solution, which includes features such as web conferencing, presence, softphones, smartphone clients and more – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX.

Out-of-the-Box Unified Communications

With out-of-the-box Unified Communications features such as presence, voicemail-to-email, and instant messaging your employee productivity is bound to see an increase. TelWare's Cloud Phone Systems also include integrated, plugin free web conferencing which includes advanced features for ultimate collaboration.

  • See presence of colleagues
  • Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox
  • Web conferencing for all

Cloud Phone systems are software based PBXs which runs on mainstream operating systems, and works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX.

See Presence of Colleagues

The ability to view the status of other colleagues (“Presence”) is a great time saver, avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice mail tags, and makes managing and working with remote employees easier than ever. Need some quiet time to finish a project? Customize your status and prevent any annoying disturbances.

  • Avoid unnecessary transfers of phone calls that irritate customers
  • Visible from clients: Mac, Windows, Android, & iOS

Instant Messaging & Chat

Allow employees to communicate together via text messaging, without the need to rely on third party messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers. Your employees can send and receive chat messages via Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients from anywhere.

  • No need for third party chat software
  • No additional cost
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, & Android
  • Cross-platform communications

TelWare Installation and Management

Asa TelWare customer, your cloud service includes 24/7 technical support. Because cloud phone systems are software-based, it can be easily managed by your team of IT administrators without the need for special telecom skills.

  • No need for extensive telecom knowledge or training
  • Central Control from the management console
  • Choose from popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, SIP Trunks

Take Your Extension Anywhere

Cloud Phone Systems include clients for smartphones and Mac or Windows laptops that allow users to use their office extension from anywhere, seamlessly integrated as if they were in the office. Not only are all calls to the office free of charge, but employees can leverage one single number and make a professional impression.

  • Take your extension everywhere you go
  • All calls are free of charge – slash your mobile phone bills
  • Increase productivity – work from anywhere
  • One number – Don’t give out your personal mobile number.

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