The TelWare Difference

You're looking for a great product with great support. We make it easy for you to install new technology. That’s the difference. With end-to-end support, we focus on getting the metrics that matter to you. With our access to a myriad telecom providers and services, you’re assured success.

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Hassle-Free Service Provider Selection

Get the best combination of performance and price to meet your needs. Avoid the hassle of communicating with many vendors trying to win your business. We provide you with an unbiased and independent view of pricing options. Choose the best service provider with a more informed mindset. With years of service experience, we can help you navigate the maze of options. Over 50 telecommunication service providers trust us with that job.

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Complimentary Expertise

The best part, our carrier consulting services are no charge to you, the customer. The price of purchasing carrier services through a consultant is the same as if you went directly to the carriers. We navigate pricing fluctuations and keep an eye on the marketplace for our customers. Boosting bandwidth and connectivity type-specific for your business needs is in our wheelhouse.

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Connectivity Services


Managing your own business is hard enough. That's why having a central point of contact helps when upgrading to fiber. Transfer your viable data via a more secure way with optic cables that use modulated light.

  • Speed / Symmetric Speed - You can't afford a slow cable and DSL connection in today's fast paced world. With fiber, you can upload as fast as you can download. Reduce your latency with symmetric speeds and upgrade to today's hosted-phone-system technology.
  • Cost - Make the switch to fiber for business. Savvy business owners know that its benefits outweigh the costs. Paying a higher price now will help trim cost in other areas. Your old coax cable internet can't keep up in a high-tech future.
  • Security – You built this business from the ground up. So why let others tap into your old cable system. Upgrading to fiber is more secure than wireless or copper.
  • Bandwidth - More is better. Your business shouldn't have a technology ceiling. Fiber gives you the connections you need to move at the speed of light. Use SIP phone, stream HD video or upload to the cloud. All without fear of maxing out on bandwidth.
  • Cloud Access - Fiber's higher speeds and bandwidth allow your business to use high tech technology such as: SIP trunking, Web conferencing, Streaming high-definition video, such as a training video, file sharing, and cloud applications

Adapt to a different IT ecosystem

Adapt to a different IT ecosystem. The onslaught of BYOD brings unique challenges. Can your Wi-Fi handle the surge of workers bringing their own device? Are you able to manage all trusted devices from executives? How do you mitigate guest access, application control, authentication issues, and bandwidth control?

It is more than any one business can handle. That's why TelWare offers a range of products to help. Installing and managing anything from 1 access point to thousands is a snap. And if your company grows, we grow with you. With top of the line products and techs, we manage any size WiFi. From simplistic networks to large conventions, we got your back.

Create a stable environment for users while managing bandwidth. Allow the wireless network to function even under extreme circumstances. Get better control and cost management by switching to a powerful system.

  • Easy User Management
  • Quick and Simple Application Control
  • Segmented access
  • Saturation Monitoring
  • Throughput Monitoring
  • Convenient User Portal

Keep business humming with a 4G LTE backup device

A wireless cellular network continues internet connectivity. When your LTE Backup device sees a loss of internet connection, it will failover. Keeping your mission critical business application going. Continuing services during an outage will cut employee downtime and maintain revenue generation. This device is installed with a backup battery in case of power loss.

  • Reliability
    Have the security of knowing your business will run smoothly no matter what happens. Paired with battery backups, operations continue through internet outages.
  • Budget Friendly
    With just a one-time equipment purchase, keep your costs low and still offer reliable service. No monthly fees unless the backup cradle point is needed. Only pay for what you use.
  • Return on Investment
    Your business is important and is dependent on internet to succeed. If internet goes down, don’t lose money or turn customers away. Have your backup ready with this wireless device.

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