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Reliable Networking Solutions

A reliable connection to the network is a point of cost savings for any business. TelWare is an expert in handling routing and switching for our customers. They trust us to provide the best network configuration that suits their needs.

Networking Solutions

Routing & Switching

TelWare supports a wide array of layer 3 routers and switches. From various manufacturers and supporting over 60 VLANs, we know how to get the job done. Some of the brands of switches we use are the best in the business. We carry include Adtran, Avaya, Extreme and Ubiquiti Unifi. Network switching using QoS (Quality of Service) makes your business reliable. VLAN (Virtual LAN) functionality results in clear conversations without connection interruptions.

Switches logos Avaya Adtran Extreme Works and Ubiquiti

Managed Network

Using TelWare as a managed network service removes one less thing on your list for a stress-free business life. It allows us, a third party, to act as an extra resource for your infrastructure management. Your network is built, operated, secured and managed by a provider you can trust.

TelWare is a leader in infrastructure management. Small business benefits from the predictable cost we provide. TelWare maintains necessary components and access to the infrastructure, software and support. We build network functions for you, such as firewalls and wireless network connections. Our techs set up your necessary hardware such as servers, routers, and switches.

Managed Network Benefits

Have faster access, better reliability, enhanced security, and longer availability. With a managed switch, you can choose the optimal parameters for your network ports.

  • Minimizing Network Downtime — Faster performance, fewer glitches. No issues with downtime and data recovery
  • Cutting Operational Expenses — Avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs
  • Increased Security — No more worrying about your businesses data threats
  • Increased Support — Feel like you have an in-house IT department without the costs

Network Monitoring

How long has it been since you updated your antivirus system? If you have not noticed or checked on the little problems you could have a larger one looming. Is your unmonitored system having warning signs that you are not aware of? Undetected issues cause failed backups which are detrimental to your entire network.

Network monitoring is the first step toward proactive monitoring and maintenance, while also improving reactive response times. At TelWare, our mission is to provide network management and monitoring support that is remote, efficient and non-intrusive. Having an efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform in place will improve productivity, increase reliability and save money.

Network Security

Be proactive with network monitoring and regular maintenance. It improves reactive response times. At TelWare, our mission is to provide network management and monitoring support. It is a comfort to know that we are there with remote, efficient and non-intrusive support. Having an efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform with a trusted partner. Improve productivity, increase reliability and save money.

Network Security is essential in today's internet-based society. With a secure network all personal data and information is safeguarded. Protect data from unauthorized entities on the network and those outside. An effective network-security solution will allow employees to work secure from any location. Give them confidence that their sensitive information is protected.

TelWare offers a wide range of subscription and hardware-based firewall solutions and integrations. We designed your security to reduce the risk of external attacks. Protect user accounts, endpoints and sensitive information of your employees. Tighten up VoIP call quality, security, and general IT cost and maintenance.

Key Features Include:

  • Traffic Management
  • Fail-Over
  • Voice Prioritization
  • Network Monitoring
  • MPLS
  • Content Filter
  • Breach Detection
  • Redundancies
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PCI3.0 Compliant


An MPLS network with traffic-engineering support protects your business.It helps determine the best paths and it updates its labels. Traditional IP networks repeat performing "routing lookups" to make a series of hops. A newer MPLS network is far more efficient than traditional ones. MPLS ensures that the data packets reach their intended destination. It can even rank the packets so that some traffic receives preferential treatment. As a result, a business can make sure its most important applications perform at its best.

MPLS Benefits:

  • Enhanced User Experience: MPLS is ideal for businesses that wish to isolate specific types of traffic. This traffic can include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video or data. MPLS's quality-of-service (QoS) management caters to your business's specific needs. Your business will ensure a customer satisfaction experience that packs a punch.
  • Improved Mobility and Connectivity: Communicate with coworkers via a single virtual private network (VPN). MPLS allows employees in different locations to connect to company information. The cloud gives your business freedom. Your employees will enjoy complete mobility whether they are in the office, on the road, or at home.
  • Increased Security: Health and financial businesses that deal with sensitive data need advanced security. MPLS offers that deep security for every company. MPLS will block denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and unauthorized network access. Mitigate those attacks are through control and data-plan protection.
  • Congestion Management: The shortest path may not be the best path. Most switching technologies use the shortest path between two locations to send data. This selected shortest path may have some technical difficulties leading to transmission latency. MPLS employs sophisticated algorithms. It routes traffic via non-standard paths when there is congestion in the network.
  • Scalability: Need to add a site on an existing virtual private network (VPN)? Conventional switching technologies need the configuration of a sophisticated labyrinth of tunnels. MPLS allows extra sites with minimal setup configuration. Your small business can expand the network without extended downtime.
  • Enhanced Bandwidth Utilization: Many types of data traffic use the same link for transmission. With this model optimal bandwidth use is achievable. MPLS allows high-priority traffic to consume some of the low-priority channels whenever needed.The vice versa applies when high-priority data streams like VoIP are not in use.

Reduce your own carbon footprint and become a better global citizen.Virtualization is a software representation of your server. It works as if it is on-site in your office. As a small business, you may not have the need for a whole IT department. Make budget by using virtual machines and consolidating them onto fewer physical servers. Reduce monthly power and cooling costs.

TelWare can virtualize your network and figure out the best solutions to fit your needs. We make the best recommendation for the most efficient virtualization strategy. We can select the most suitable hardware.Our expert staff will track the performance of your network after installation.

Enhance Your Business

Most major enterprises have taken the steps towards a virtual workforce.Small businesses need to stay ahead of the larger fish in their pond.Allow many different users to get to what seems like their own personal computer system. But they are connected to a single server.The “virtual machines,” appear to have its own operating system.That includes application programs, memory, and disk storage. All those resources live in a common pool on the server. Yet, users are seen as being separate from the server of other users.

Promote Efficiency

Virtualization helps your business increase its efficiency by providing the following:

  • Simple disaster recovery with no downtime
  • Increased IT productivity
  • Immediate access to applications and data
  • Lack of dependency on hardware or specific locations
  • The capability for transitioning to cloud computing and mobility
  • Quicker server provisioning

Adapt to a different IT ecosystem. The onslaught of BYOD brings unique challenges. Can your Wi-Fi handle the surge of workers bringing their own device? Are you able to manage all trusted devices from executives? How do you mitigate guest access, application control,authentication issues, and bandwidth control?

It is more than any one business can handle. That's why TelWare offers arrange of products to help. Installing and managing anything from 1 access point to thousands is a snap. And if your company grows, we grow with you. With top of the line products and techs, we manage any size WiFi. From simplistic networks to large conventions, we got your back.

Create a stable environment for users while managing bandwidth. Allow the wireless network to function even under extreme circumstances. Get better control and cost management by switching to a powerful system.Optimize your business for the future.


SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) provides businesses with peace of mind. Secure network connections are never lost or interrupted. Unlike traditional WAN’s or MPLS networks, SD-WAN provides security. Reliability, and scalable high-performance cloud connectivity are all a part of SD-WAN.


End-to-end encryption across the entire network. All SD-WAN connections are properly authenticated. Businesses will gain secured access to their local networks and resources.


SD-WAN deployment can include a mixture of configurations,routers, switches, or equipment.The deployment will be uniquely set based on customer’s needs, and specific network VPN configurations.


Easily manage and connect users to multiple network locations. Quickly direct a WAN connection to the internet or other secured site-to-site networks.


After the initial configuration, connectivity is monitored in real-time and managed automatically. Network monitoring prevents WAN link failures with application traffic flow.


Optimize the use of direct internet connectivity to enhance the performance of cloud applications managed for better data, voice, or video usage.

SD-WAN Superior Benefits:

  • Flexibility and easy visibility into the network.
  • Optimal secured access to VPN networks.
  • Improved cloud application performance and traffic flow.
  • Lower internet broadband and 4G LTE costs compared to MPLS’s.
  • Expect lower maintenance and WAN costs, with no added bandwidth penalties.
  • Low latency enhances and accelerates internet connections.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"I would absolutely recommend TelWare! They have been dependable, and their team has been very professional and responsive."

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"All is well here as our folks get more and more accustomed to the new system.  We have made a few tweaks but all in all this went pretty smooth.  It is such a relief to be able to reach out to someone local AND someone who cares about us as a customer."

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"Telware came in and installed several wifi access points for our office and the installers (Matt, Dylan and Adam) were very professional and efficient. They double checked that everything was working properly and cleaned up thoroughly before leaving."

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