Hassle-Free Installation

Our experts will help with the installation of an effective monitor system that will fit your unique operational needs. We deliver quality and work with several reputable partners such as Blue Iris, AXIS, and Hitek.





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Create a Safe Environment 

Video Surveillance systems are essential to creating a safe environment for your staff and customers. These systems are highly effective at tracking all events, ranging from routine day-to-day building access to occasional loading through small loading docks. Capture and document all activity, including employee productivity.

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Protect Your Business from Intruders

Prevent loss, investigate incidents, and avoid litigation with high-quality surveillance. Most importantly, surveillance systems are quick at detecting intruders, allowing law enforcement to respond to your business faster.

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Remote Access to Surveillance

Business owners are able to monitor and control their systems through mobile applications. Use a remote two-way talk to any camera on the system. This is especially useful for night surveillance. The mobile application will alert you any way that you want and provide advanced analytics capabilities. Move your remote access to pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ), infrared, and more.

Access remote recordings from any device on the mobile app or browser dashboard. System capabilities make it easy for you to stay connected, providing peace of mind knowing that your business is secure. Trigger video and sound recordings by motion detection and audio detection. If desired, you can set a time and date overlay on video recordings. These systems are compatible with most existing IP cameras. Combine access control points for a complete solution.

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