Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

Sound masking is the addition of sound (often white noise) to limit undesired noise. Though it may seem strange, by adding sound, you make the area quieter. Businesses can create an atmosphere of peaceful surroundings even in the smallest of offices. No need for relocation or costly construction of sound-blocking material.

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Reduce Unwanted Distractions

White noise is more than turning on a fan or a recording of rain in the background. True white noise is combining equal amounts of audible sound frequencies together. Thousands of frequencies all produce a low and equal volume noise. Your brain doesn’t notice individual noises and turbulence. Reduces noise distractions, increases focus, and enhance speech privacy.

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Mask Disruptive Sounds

Open floor plans are a growing trend. Many workers find open floor plans to be very distracting. Conversations and general office noise become a nuisance. Workers surrounded by distinguishable speech can experience increased stress and lowered productivity. The brain works hard to translate detectable words into meaning. By adding ambient sound that is on the same frequency of human speech the brain acts differently. We design sound to be on the same frequency as human speech. The brain then perceives the combined sounds as being normal and steady. Distant speech becomes three times more unintelligible — and less disruptive.

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Sound Masking Environments


Use sound masking to make up for acoustical infrastructure weaknesses. Block conversations from a neighboring office even with your door shut. Artificial generated background noise works wonders for your ears! Sound masking in conference rooms ensures your conversations are secure. Small business conference rooms are often near other departments. Keep conversations private. Light walls no longer inhibit you from private speech.

Hospitality and Bed & Breakfast Inns

Comfort is the heart of your business. A good night’s rest is on the top of the list for your guests. B&B’s must take advantage of today’s technology to provide the best experience for out-of-town guests.

White-noise machines will make all the difference to your guests. With sound-masking technology, sensitive sleepers will rest peacefully. They will no longer need to set the air conditioner on high to drown loud sounds. Televisions and conversations from nearby rooms will not disturb others. After all, five-star service means better reviews from your weary travelers.


White noise can create one more layer of security. Your patient’s medical data can meet HIPAA requirements with sound that makes it difficult to hear private speech. Residents of assisted living, nursing homes or doctor’s offices will have a greater atmosphere of calm assurance.

Residents of healthcare homes will not be able to eavesdrop on private, sensitive conversations. Calm patients' nerve by adding sound masking in waiting areas, holistic spas and medical offices.


Students need to stay focused on studies. Sound masking and white noise help libraries, student centers, and classrooms. Study spaces become hubs of learning with quiet space. Many local libraries already use sound masking to maintain a distraction-free setting.


Background music is a type of sound masking. The goal is similar to using "white noise". It provides a background noise to distract shoppers from other noises and conversations. Your clients make more purchases without annoyance and frustration.

The right music has a huge effect on customer-buying behavior. It has been proven to drive customer-buying behavior and enhance the customer experience. We won’t help you pick the right music, but we can install it.

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