Reduce Wait Times

An integrated paging system can help reduce hold times and allow customers to get connected with the right person fast. Paging systems can provide clear messaging, incorporate visual indicators, and can be set up to only page in certain areas.

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Integrate with Your Phone System

Do your warehouse workers still rely on walkie talkies? Miscommunication can delay shipping, or cause mishaps. Walkie talkies do not have the range that a paging system can. Have the ability to page at a certain area rather than the entirety of the building. Reach your people faster and fulfill orders without interruption. Integrate with a telephone system, so that you may page from any office phone.

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Paging Benefits

Overhead Music

When not being used for paging, the system can be used to provide overhead music. Overhead music can have substantial positive effects on customers, providing an inviting atmosphere that can lead them to be more likely to make purchases.

Employees are more productive and happy with overhead music. Boost morale at work environment and create happy workers.

Emergency Use

Keep a coordinated effort and stay organized during stressful times. Paging systems are easy to install and give you control over messages. Being prepared beforehand with a paging system is a wise investment for your small business.

When it counts, a paging system can step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. Paging systems can aid in emergency situations by providing instructions. Be able to instruct directions to all in a building, overriding other pages. Use paging to give a calm presence to help everyone remain safe. Systems can use predetermined announcements for special cases such as fire alarms and evacuations.

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