Add Access Permission Restrictions

Did you recently take on new or have exiting employees? Simply remove or add an employee's access permission. Restrict specific areas of your business to those without proper credentials.

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Enhance Video Security

Never work blindly. Enhance your existing video presence or install new measures for security. TelWare partners with the powerful partner Axis to keep your company secure.

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Response to Emergencies Quickly

Protect your customers and employees by keeping locations safe in case of an emergency such as fire or break-in. 

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Access Control Benefits

Network Door Controllers

Small businesses win with new technology. Install a superior control solution for basic and advanced access management systems. Through the IP network you control access to your entire building. Outdoor and indoor doors have controls for greater regulation.

Network Door Stations

Network door stations combine two-way communication, video surveillance, and remote entry control. These devices enable better control over your small business. Communicate with clarity to the person asking access with verbal and visual cues. Record events, send alerts and trigger audio for greater security. Screen unknown visitors before entrance.

Efficient Integration

Smaller businesses have employees that wear many hats. You may be a team of a few. Axis Door Stations offers a flexible alternative to traditional front desk receptions. Integrate with a mobile app, IP phone or video management system. Use it to open doors directly or remotely.

Card Readers

Card readers are a great way to warrant who can have access to a building. Install card readers at your entrances, or any internal door. Provide secure entry for anyone requesting access. Only those with a card that has entry authorization. Card readers are available with keypads so you may provide entry without a physical card.

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