Wide area networks (WAN) make multi-site organizations work. They allow your remote locations to share information with your headquarters and with each other. However, traditional WAN can be expensive and difficult to maintain, especially if your locations are all in separate cities or states. One possible solution to this problem is SD-WAN.

While it does not happen often, now and then, a new technology comes along to change how things work. Its impact is felt everywhere at once, changing how enterprises conduct their business. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is one such technology.

Software-defined WAN uses software tools to establish the intelligence behind your network data and digital voice routing, movement, and switching. While this looks like a minor change, this virtualization achieves everything.

SD-WAN lets you use less expensive devices and systems while letting you streamline all network functions to a single location, reducing the costs and complexity of your network. You enjoy a more flexible network that easily scales to handle new additions, disasters, and everything in between with ease and little or no additional overhead.

SD-WAN also allows your cloud and legacy systems to integrate flawlessly together to handle all your enterprise's networking needs, including different network infrastructures as needed. For instance, it can direct your critical traffic over a dedicated MPLS network while sending other data along something less expensive such as a broadband or wireless connection.

SD-WAN will make your network more efficient and dynamic. You may need some new equipment and software to use it, but the return on your investment makes it worth it.

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