Small businesses everywhere are saying goodbye to on-premises phone systems and transitioning to hosted phone systems. After all, hosted systems can accomplish all the tasks of a traditional system – while being far more economical and efficient.

On-Premises Vs. Hosted Phone Systems

On-premises phone systems are housed at your work site; they are often ideal for larger enterprises who require more localized control and who have their own IT staff to run updates and maintenance checks.

Hosted phone systems are cloud-based virtual systems that rely on the internet instead of a traditional phone company to work; the hardware is located off-site at a remote data center, so there is no need for bulky on-site equipment. Your provider performs all system updates and maintenance at no additional cost as part of your service agreement.

The Money-Saving Benefits of Hosted Systems

For an on-premises phone system, businesses need to be able to afford significant upfront capital-expenditure costs to pay for on-site equipment, installation, licensing and IT staff. In contrast, for a hosted system, businesses will be paying a predictable fixed monthly cost for ongoing service; they don’t have to pay for expensive hardware and setup fees — or pay anything extra for added users or maintenance costs. Hosted systems are ideal for small and midsized business who would rather focus on the day-to-day tasks of enhancing their business instead of worrying about how to address the next IT problem.

Most hosted providers do away with many of the costs associated with business landline service. Typically, businesses with hosted systems can look forward to a lack of long-distance charges, as well as freedom from per-call charges and plans bloated with features they'll never use.

The cost of many calling features is included with your service in a hosted system. Unlike traditional phone systems, you can often enjoy voicemail to email, auto attendant, call transfer, call queuing, caller ID and much more at no additional cost.

The Enhanced Flexibility of Hosted Systems

With a cloud-based system, your staff will no longer be confined to working in the office. Why pay for an expensive office space when your workers can often accomplish the same tasks remotely?

If you prefer to keep your current office space, your business will still benefit from a hosted system with enhanced mobility. When you’re traveling to meetings, you can have calls go straight to your mobile phone, or you have calls forwarded to designated phones in a specific sequence.

If you decide to move your office at a later date, you still have that flexibility; after all, you won’t have to pay to transfer your hosted system or relocate a ton of heavy hardware.

When your business grows, it’s no problem to add more users with a hosted system. You can increase or decrease capacity whenever you’d like without having to worry about equipment obsolescence.

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