It seems like everyone is talking about it, but why? What makes Avaya one-X Communicator such an important part of so many business operations around the world? It's the features, of course. So what are these features that make Avaya the top of the line in business communications solutions? Check these out:

  • It's inexpensive. Avaya provides exceptional quality at an extremely low cost of ownership.
  • It's portable. One-X makes it possible to work from anywhere on any device, including your mobile, desk or home phone. You can even use VoIP on your computer!
  • It's remote telephony at it's best. Don't limit your possibilities with a single business location; use Avaya one-x and enjoy productivity anywhere you have an employee with a quiet space to work.
  • It has countless useful features. A vast array of offerings — including video conferencing, email, instant messaging and communication history — makes working with one-X every day a pleasure, not a chore. And the best part is that you can conveniently manage all these features from one place.
  • It's customizable. Yes, there are plenty of great features available, but you don't have to use what you don't want to. Configure your Avaya as a simple phone system if all you need is a way to answer the phone from anywhere. Or take advantage of features like voicemail with personalized messages, detailed call logging and much more.

Avaya one-X can certainly boast a great list of features, but how well does it work from day to day? Is it easy to work with and reliable? Do you know anyone with firsthand experience who can tell you more? These are all great questions, so let's get to the answers.

Speaking as someone who has worked with one-X daily, frankly, it's awesome! The first time a user signs on there are a few configuration options that need to be set up. Depending on how many options are being used, initial setup takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to less than a half hour, with much of that time being consumed recording messages. After setting up one-X for the first time, logging in and working is easy. Enter the username and password, hit connect and let the software get to work. Now, when you're ready to answer the phone, hit the "ready" button and get to talking. No muss, no fuss. As long as the network is stable, your telephone network is alive and kicking with no worries. And the clarity and sound quality, along with adjustable settings, make even the noisiest calls easy to hear and understand.

For information about how Avaya one-X Communicator can take your business telephony to the next level, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communications solutions. TelWare is an authorized Avaya, Star2Star, 3CX and SimpleWAN dealer.

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