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Often when inclement weather conditions approach, people realize too late that they are not prepared. This includes businesses and the effects heavy weather conditions can have on technology and productivity. Instead of wishing you had done something sooner, learn how you can protect your business from disaster ahead of time with TelWare cloud phone solutions for business.

How You Can Prepare

Power outages make up most of the network outages businesses face. Minimize the risk to your company by preparing for such disasters. The first step to take is making sure your equipment is connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). When the power surges or goes out, a UPS will allow you time to do a graceful shutdown of equipment. Adequate UPS systems, as well as proper grounding of sensitive equipment, are crucial. Audits will help decide if facilities can meet power requirements and rule out problems.

You also want to be sure to adequately back up all data before heavy weather conditions hit. Ideally, you'll want off-site data backup. If you keep your data stored and secure, even the most unpredictable workplace incidents won't influence your stored information. For example, if sensitive data was stored through cloud computing, a power outage would only affect what's on your hard drive. Cloud-backup services keep your information stored on the internet, making it accessible from any device. If this is not possible, after backing up your data, remove your backup device from the area of in question so that it is not damaged with the primary equipment.

Don’t rely on your local team members who may be facing their own challenges in the storm. An emergency auto attendant can provide an easy solution to small businesses that are required to temporarily shut down due to a storm. Does your company use TelWare’s hosted SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)? We can forward your number in the cloud to a cellular phone for temporary service. There are various programs and apps that your members could utilize for remote connectivity in the case of an emergency, giving employees the mobility to work anywhere using their mobile phones and laptop computers.

Solutions for Every Business

We know not every company is the same, and to make sure your business has the perfect solution for it’s needs, we have service options for every customer:

  • Cloud Customer — Since the cloud is fully independent of your physical location, we can retain customer greetings, call routing, mobile applications and voicemail if the site is lost. The customer experience is almost unchanged when proper voice routing is configured. If desired, we can also reroute calls to mobile devices in a catastrophic event. The level of continuation is up to each individual business. Our customers can continue to present a business-as-usual image while using our cloud and hybrid models.
  • Hybrid Customer — Hybrid customers generally have some type of physical phone equipment on site, with mirrored or messaging-only backup in the cloud. In this event, the on-site equipment is monitored, and once a failure is detected, the system automatically transfers calls to the backup cloud-recovery option. Like cloud customers, hybrid customers have the option to play a simplistic voice message or completely retain all phone settings in the cloud environment.
  • On-Premises Customer — For customers who have yet to transition to the cloud or hybrid models, we can create failover messaging services that allow the end user to forward calls to a preconfigured message with the option to leave a voicemail. This works great as a quick temporary fix while a better solution can be put in place.

The best time to review redundancy options for your communications system is before you need it. Contact us to discuss how we can improve your peace of mind before disaster strikes.

For more information on how TelWare can support your business, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data, and unified communication solutions.

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