3CX recently released a new update packed with new features and improvements. The V16 Update 3 gives greater peace of mind. The update includes extra chat features, customizable tools within the web client, and HubSpot CRM integration. Read below to learn more about these new features and how they will improve business productivity.  

3CX Live Chat & Talk for Websites

3CX Live Chat & Talk – Styling and Customization Options 

A new version of the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plug-in is available. The latest plug-in update offers new styling and many customization features. These options will link directly to your Facebook and Twitter social media channels. Your contact email addresses will also be linked. The Website Code Generator generates the code you will need to set up 3CX Live Chat & Talk, simplifying the process of enabling the Live Chat and Talk feature on non-Wordpress websites. Developers can generate the code by using the new configuration generator tool found in the “Settings” section and by selecting “WordPress/Website Integration.” 

New HubSpot CRM Integration 

The V16 Update 3 brings a new integration with HubSpot CRM. The new integration will allow you to do the following:

  • Click to Call – Launch calls straight from HubSpot CRM via 3CX. 
  • Call Pop-ups - The customer record is brought up to you automatically during a call.
  • Call Journals – Calls are logged as call records in the CRM.
  • Create Contact – New contacts will be automatically created when a call is received from an unknown number.
3CX Hubspot CRM Integration

Advanced Increased Efficiency Features 

New levels of efficiency can be achieved as you combine the upcoming Android app to Ad Hoc Reconnect. This allows you to easily switch between WiFi and 3G/4G networks while roaming. 

Another advanced feature will allow you to use the new “Accept Push Notifications” options to enable or disable Push messages for each extension status. This “Push per Status” feature can be easily set by going to the Management Console for the extension. Or it can be accomplished by clicking the status profile, configuring it under the Web Client’s “Settings,” and selecting “Call Forwarding.” 

Web Client & Chat Updates 

The web-client update includes the ability to name a group chat; the group name will be displayed for all group-chat participants. This feature will also be available on 3CX’s soon-to-be-released Android and iOS apps. 

An additional web-client chat update includes “Drag-and-Drop Attachment” functionality. Users can simply drag and drop supported files to be sent to recipients in the chat window. 

Looking Ahead – 3CX Road Map 

It’s always good to know what new upgrades and features are in the horizon. 3CX expects to release an update every two to three months with one substantial feature in each release.  Here is a quick glance at what is coming up, so stay tuned! 

Update 4 

This update is near completion and on target for release before the end of the year. We can expect the following: 

  • New Google Extension elevates the 3CX Web Client to be more user friendly.
  • You will no longer need to be in the web-client tab, or have it open, in order to take any calls. 
  • No need to leave the CRM/Office suite window to launch calls. 
  • Easy deployment of central updates across all OS platforms. 
Update 5 

Development is in the works. Beta is expected to be out before the end of the year or by the beginning of 2020. The following is under development: 

  • Expect the WordPress plug-in to be updated. This will allow better support to chat feedback and among other improvements. 
  • The major update will be implemented to the Office integration, including support for new API and additional features. 
  • Early stages of support to improve sending and receiving SMS.


Phone updates will include support for Polycom devices. 

Android App 

In the last six months, 3CX has completed a major rewrite of the Android app. This makes it more scalable and able to support latest devices and new technologies. 3CX’s goal is to continue to be innovative in this area. One main feature on the road map is adding video support. 

iOS App 

3CX is currently working on a major rewrite and move to new Swift technology, allowing them to innovate much faster. In the coming months, we expect them to deliver: 

  • a completely new UI;
  • video support (date to be confirmed);
  • and native support of Apple’s new Push infrastructure. 

Important information to know is that a new legacy app will be available for a few months. Keep in mind that soon Apple will retire the old Push infrastructure around March/April. This will make the old app not work beyond that point. It is also important to note that the new app will only work with Apple’s iPhones 6S and beyond. 

To learn more about TelWare and 3CX’s latest upgrade features, contact us at 800.637.3148, email us at sales@telware.com, or visit our website at www.telware.com. TelWare is a five-star cloud phone provider, with unified voice, data, and video solutions.   

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