Avaya IP Office is an outstanding value for the SME (Small to Mid-Sized Enterprise). It comes with many mobility and unified communications features standard. Avaya is a leader in the telecom industry with over 6000 patents and drives innovation and technology research. TelWare is proud to have deployments across the country and is the premier SME dealer in the Carolinas.

Call reporting is one area that is not a basic feature on the IP office system. While this may seem counter-intuitive every business has a different reporting need and this allows a more customized solution design. Avaya Dev-Connect is a trusted resource for Avaya partners where third party vendors are tested and vouched for by real world deployments. At a quick glance there are over a dozen call reporting software packages that can integrate with the IP Office to generate the types of call insights you need to efficiently manage your business.

Some areas to consider when evaluating a call reporting package:

  • Is inbound, outbound or both types of call traffic important to your business?
  • Do you use 800 numbers?
  • Can we report on recorded calls?
  • Do you have agents in a contact center or call center environment?
  • Can call data be displayed in an easy to read format or displayed on a wallboard?
  • Do calls need to be reported on by specific users or groups?
  • Can you schedule important reports?
  • Does the report format match needed format for internal processes?
  • Do you need to see historical, real time data, or both?
  • Do you use account codes to tag calls for internal reference?
  • Can custom reports be created to tailor the reports to your specific needed call data?
  • Do individual users need to be able to see their call or group data?
  • How are users administer?
  • Do you want custom developed interfaces for your agents to interact?
  • What hardware/infrastructure requirements are needed to run the software?

Free Trial

Our entry level call reporting package performs all of these tasks and offers a 14 - 30 day trial period for the basic package without customization.

To to start your free trial or find out more about call reporting options for your phone system, contact business telephone system provider TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or

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