PBX is a switch server system that serves only one company. 800-637-3148When a Charlotte business considers upgrading their phone system they often ask: what is a private branch exchange? In recent years, many businesses have consolidated their multi-line phone systems through a private branch exchange (PBX). Since changing phone systems is not a frequent process, features of a PBX open businesses to a whole new level of telecommunications solutions.

What is a PBX? Essentially, a PBX is a switch server that supports one business, different from a common telephone company that performs the same function, but for many businesses or the general public. Businesses use a PBX to connect their internal phones to an external line. Doing so allows many employees with their own phone, assigned a personal extension, to use the same business line. Because your coworkers share the same phone line, overall telecommunications expenses decrease.

"Connecting with clients is much easier when outside callers only have to keep up with one number to contact anyone within your business," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "Additional features like call forwarding, paging, and voicemail boxes helps improve the entire communication flow."

Collaboration, whether it is with a client, business partner, or coworker, improves through PBX features like call forwarding, extension dialing, voicemail and paging. These features are not available through larger operator networks.

PBX Features

Below are a few more common features of a PBX:

  • All Access - Provide a single number outside callers can use to access anyone in your business.
  • Automated Call Distribution - A programmed menu callers can select from, directing them to a specific extension or department.
  • Hold - Place external callers on hold while waiting for the requested person to answer. You can program either a customized business greeting or music to play.
  • Voicemail - Record a voice message for any extension.
  • Call Transfer- Easily switch calls between internal extensions.

"Another great aspect of a private branch exchange is its versatility," explains Canipe. "Your business can incorporate not just telephones, but fax machines, modems and other communication tools."PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. 800-637-3148

In addition to improving communication, collaboration, and reducing expenses, a PBX can easily expand as your business grows. With a range of standard to elaborate features, the PBX system can easily integrate into a variety of organized networks.

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