A business's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system records information about all incoming and outgoing calls in the form of Call Data Records (CDRs). By themselves, they're just a large table of data, but with the right kind of processing they can yield many kinds of useful information about phone usage. Call-reporting (or call-accounting) software does this job, providing information in many forms to meet businesses' varied needs.

Streamlined Information

Call-reporting software provides important information essential to your business, such as how many calls people are making and getting, with whom, and for how long. Organized in a useful form, this can reveal how efficiently people are working, what they are spending their time on, and where more resources are needed. They can aid in budgeting, reveal excessive use of personal calls, and create audit trails.

Improved Customer Service

How long are callers waiting, and how many are giving up without reaching a human? Getting the numbers can reveal whether more staffing is necessary and what hours need it most. Real-time reporting allows managers to view the state of call queues at any point in time and see how well the staff is doing.

Business Protection

Unusual patterns in call reports may reveal security breaches. If a report shows calls to distant countries made during closed hours, that could indicate someone has broken into the system for a free ride.

Choices in Reporting

A call-reporting system can email reports to the people responsible for tracking usage, or it can let them view data in a browser. A report can come as an easy-to-read PDF file, a spreadsheet, a graph, or raw data for importing into software. People in different roles can access different types of reports. If there's a sharply unusual pattern of usage, reporting software can send out a special alert, allowing quick handling of suspicious situations.

Many call-reporting applications compete on the market, offering different features. The best one depends on your business needs.

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