WebRTCUnified-communications solutions aren’t always as unified as we'd like. Vendors of voice and video applications all have their own protocols and rarely connect with one another. Try getting into a Google Hangout with Skype! This sometimes makes it hard to find a neutral ground that everyone's comfortable with.

Now imagine that you could have voice and video conferences just by connecting to a website with your browser. Imagine that you could even have advanced data-sharing features during your conference. That's what the WebRTC standard offers. Specific browsers support voice, video and arbitrary data streams without requiring any plug-ins.

The use of WebRTC isn't limited to browsers. Custom applications can use its open application programming interface (API) with the party at the other end by utilizing a browser or a different application. It allows phone integration without vendor lock-in. Applications can be as simple as phone calls or as complex as video conferences with data overlays.

WebRTC is an open standard. In November 2017, it became a Candidate Recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium. It defines a set of APIs based on JavaScript, so anyone can write web applications that use it. Currently, the Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers support it, while Microsoft Edge has limited support at present. Applications that use it are available for iOS and Android.

WebRTC uses different protocols from the standard office VoIP system. Its focus is on applications in which voice or video is one component. However, it's well suited for integration with a SIP-based VoIP system. The combination makes phone-to-browser communication possible.

TelWare's Hosted Cloud PBX includes WebRTC integration. Its technology lets participants join a conference from a web browser, so they can use a laptop or desktop screen and connect with cloud applications. No plug-ins are necessary.

To discover all that WebRTC integration has to offer, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified-communications solutions.

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