web pollWeb meetings serve many purposes for local business; they examine customer-service successes and failures, provide training, explore future strategies, and seek to understand staff needs. However, what good are web meetings if there isn’t enough time for everyone to share their opinions — and if concrete data can’t be gathered to make necessary changes in your business?

Now, local businesses can utilize TelWare-hosted systems and WebMeeting software to create meetings that are engaging, interactive, and inclusive. How? Advances in web-meeting polling features will ensure that all employees and/or clients can express their opinions on significant issues, whether or not they get a chance to physically speak during the web meeting. And meeting organizers can walk away with comprehensive data that can be used to shape company policies and decisions.

The following are some exciting new polling features that can be leveraged during or after your business’s next web meeting:

  • Viewing Preferences: Poll organizers can now choose whether their viewers can see one question per page or view all questions on a single page.
  • End Timer: If time is limited, an optional poll auto-close timer can be utilized. Participant submissions are stopped once the time limit has been reached.
  • Live Results: Poll creators can view step-by-step question completion live. In addition, poll takers can view their questionnaire completion, so they can identify any questions they still need to answer.
  • Anonymous Answers: Though answer selections are accessible by the poll creator, the organizer can at any point choose to make poll results anonymous with just one click. (Participants will soon be able to set their own anonymity.)
  • Submissionless Polling: When poll takers select an answer, they automatically submit that answer. In other words, if you have participants who don’t see the poll through to the end and they forget to hit submit, it won’t matter. Organizers will still receive the results from the answered questions.
  • Elapsed Time: All poll takers can see how long a poll has been open by looking at the timer at the top of the page.
  • Midpresentation Feedback: Presenters can easily start a poll in the middle of a presentation to gage audience understanding or confusion, garner opinions, or gather feedback. Once the audience has finished the poll, presenters can go back to the same slide in their presentation and continue. The WebMeeting software will automatically know the last slide the presenter shared.
  • Share Results: At the end of the poll, the creator can easily share the results with participants, if desired, and the participants will see a pop-up with the final data.
  • Save to PDF: If the organizer wants to keep the results private, only the poll creator will have the ability to save the results in PDF format. Poll participants can only save results if the organizer shares the data with them.
  • Print Results: Results can be printed by those who have permission to access the poll results.

Businesses never operate in a vacuum. They must evolve based on what’s working and not working for their clients and staff — or they fail. WebMeeting polling features provide businesses with the data necessary for assessing internal strengths and weaknesses, so executives are well prepared to meet every problem with a solution.

To learn more about web-meeting and polling features (available via TelWare-hosted solutions and software), contact TelWare

at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video and data solutions.

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