TelWare business communications in Greensboro, NC. 800-637-3148We provide business communications solutions to areas all over the Carolinas. So, it's important for us to highlight each area specifically and the service lines we offer that will benefit it the most. As the largest city in Guilford County and the surrounding Triad (Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point), we seek to match the steady growth of Greensboro with our leading level of service.

Greensboro's business climate has proven its ability to nurture a variety of businesses to success. With huge sectors in the package, freight and logistics industries, Greensboro has ample warehouse space throughout the city. Our services like warehouse paging and structured cabling can substantially improve their ability to effectively communicate over a large space. Greensboro has a lot of geographic space for warehouses. Larger work environments run the risk of degrading the quality of their communication, since employees can be in more places, farther apart than before. But that's where our services come into play.

"Many companies, like UPS that have 364,000 square feet of facility space in Greensboro, need powerful communication solutions that fit the demands of hundreds, if not thousands, of employees collaborating on a daily basis," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "Our Greensboro customers love the ease and operation that structured cabling and warehouse paging services deliver to their businesses. These services are adaptable to business size and add a level of convenience any business can appreciate."

Benefits of Office and Warehouse Paging

Below are a few ways our office and warehouse paging services can benefit your Greensboro business:

  • Flexible service line. As stated before, we offer this service to the entire business spectrum. Anywhere from a small office environment to a large warehouse can be retrofitted with this system for ease, reliability and improvements to your productivity. Our services adapt to fit your business.
  • Quick and easy point of contact. Easily locate and contact any coworker regardless of your workspace size.
  • Don't miss urgent calls. Our state-of-the-art paging technology ensures that missing important calls are a thing of the past. Since your workforce will be more accessible, calls can now reach who they need to, when they need to.
  • Multiple features. Customers receive a bundle of features with our paging systems that enhance their ability to communicate effectively with coworkers and clients. Some of these features include emergency evacuation, background music, priority override, overhead paging and multi-zone paging to name a few.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

For Greensboro businesses with complex business phone systems, our structured cabling services are ideal for streamlining what can seem like an ocean of various cables into a uniform system that is easy to manage. Benefits this service offers your business, include:

  • Increased performance and growth flexibility.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Minimum business disruption.

TelWare business communications in Greensboro, NC. 800-637-3148

The variety of organizations using business communication systems in Greensboro don't stop with the package, freight and logistics industries. Other major areas of Greensboro's business climate, like healthcare, aviation maintenance and financial services, include businesses like Honda Aircraft Company, Volvo Trucks, UnitedHealth Group, and FedEx. All of these businesses have major facilities in the area that require constant service to improve their services to customers.

"Greensboro is a city where business, education, culture and recreation have all grown together over the years," says Canipe. "The one thing they all have in common is that they require up-to-date communications to keep their areas growing, and we are prepared to be the one-stop-shop for their communication solution needs."

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