Voip223As Charlotte businesses search for more access to increased productivity, communication and collaboration, VoIP business telephone systems have emerged as an essential tool in making these goals a reality. For many groups, VoIP services are more than just a means of transferring data, they also serve as a tool used to consolidate and streamline multiple phone lines and business applications.

As your business moves from traditional landline services to VoIP phone systems, it's important for your employees to familiarize themselves with all the capabilities of your system. Using your system to its maximum potential will allow you to maintain a competitive edge. That's why our team at TelWare developed this VoIP quiz. This quick and easy quiz is designed to test basic user knowledge of VoIP systems. After completing it, your employees should have a better understanding of the bundle of benefits these systems deliver to any business.


VoIP Business Phone Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of VoIP phone system basics:

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Taking our VoIP quiz helps you familiarize yourself with the different ways VoIP phone systems can help your business continue to grow. Businesses who take advantage of this communication solution often enjoy reduced costs and improved productivity, while creating a flexible work environment.

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