Picture1.pngHow would you like to access what is needed, when it’s needed, where it’s needed? Another revolutionizing Avaya product, Avaya Oceana, empowers customers and staff to do exactly that.

In the video below, follow a customer's real-time quest for answers, and learn how Oceana efficiently matches that customer with the best available agent and platform. This customer-journey video will show you exactly what Oceana can do for your customer's experience.

With Avaya Oceana, you can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and wallet share
  • Create a competitive, differentiated brand experience
  • Optimize agent and resource productivity
  • Deliver better business outcomes
  • Optimize staff alignment to goals and improve productivity

Why should you choose Avaya? Avaya is the market-share leader for contact-center solutions and has an impressive install base.

Are you looking for a unified reporting and analytics experience? Avaya Ocean alytics delivers powerful insight into big data.

Avaya Oceana works right on top of the Avaya Breeze platform, and it's purposefully designed to complement Avaya Call Center Elite. This does not mean it will replace these systems, but enhance them!

For information about how Avaya Oceana can help your business access unified communications capabilities from almost any location, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communications solutions. TelWare is an authorized Avaya, Star2Star, 3CX and SimpleWAN dealer.

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