“First day we were issued combination locks for our lockers and were told to make sure we secured all our personal items and gear. The next morning, my wallet was in the locker with my code, and I had no idea what it was. So there I sat while everyone else was dressed and out in formation. I was in my underwear while they located bolt cutters to cut my brand new lock off. For the next few days, they just called me Gomer Pyle.”

Joe from TelWare during his time in the Army.

Joe served in the United States Army from 1980-1983 and now works for TelWare in shipping/receiving and inventory control. We are honored to have Joe, who recently joined our team; he has proven to be a great asset, demonstrating dedication, efficiency, and diligence — all qualities he developed while serving in the Army.

Joe reflects on his military experience by saying, “It taught me respect most of all — and how important trusting your fellow soldier as a teammate really was. But it also allowed me to spend time in Germany, visit castles and travel all over the countryside via trains.”

Joe would like to use his spotlight to bring attention to his favorite charity, The Masonic Home for Children, in Oxford, NC. Their mission is “to assist families in need by providing a safe, home-like setting for children until they are reunited with family or achieve independence.”

From everyone at TelWare, thank you.

There are over 775,000 veterans in North Carolina. All this week and on November 11th, Veterans Day, we honor those who have served our country. It is their sacrifice for the common good that we would like to honor. Throughout this week, Team TelWare will post tribute blogs for our veterans. Help us honor them by thanking a veteran this week.

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