You may have seen Jessica’s name on some of TelWare’s blogs. In addition to contributing to the blogs, she manages the social media accounts and assists with project coordination and training. A bowl of candy is always on her desk — free for all visitors who pop into the office.

Jessica Paxton served proudly in the United States Air Force for four years. She joined at 18 for the many benefits of serving in the military. Most importantly, she received the Montgomery GI Bill, which she is using for her education. After work, Jessica attends night classes at CPCC for marketing and business. She’s continuously learning and asking questions about how things work.

Jessica is one of many younger war veterans who served in Iraqi Freedom. People are often surprised when they spot the “Iraq Veteran” license plate on her car. Jessica got the license plate to raise awareness for younger veterans. She candidly says, “I look like I’m 12. No one expects me to be a veteran at all, let alone a war vet. When they hear ‘veteran,' many people think of older gentlemen who served in Vietnam and now hang out at the VFW.”

Jessica’s favorite veteran charity is VetTix (Veteran Tickets Foundation). In addition to using the service as a veteran, she is a monthly sponsor. VetTix supports troops by providing positive life experiences and memories with friends and family through the donations of tickets to local events.

There are over 775,000 veterans in North Carolina. All this week and on November 11th, Veterans Day, we honor those who have served our country. It is their sacrifice for the common good that we would like to honor. Throughout this week, Team TelWare will have tribute blogs for our veterans. Help us honor them by thanking a veteran this week.
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