For many Charlotte businesses, integrating multiple real-time communication services into one source is the valuable core of their unified communications system. Whole organizations now have the ability to accelerate their sales rates, increase their productivity and make quicker business decisions. Driven by the recent advances in mobility, unified communications is quickly becoming the preferred method for businesses to collaborate.

A recent report released by The Radicati Group Inc. indicated that the worldwide market growth for unified communication systems is estimated to increase over $2 million between 2013 and 2015. As charlotte markets become more competitive, businesses will turn to these multi-faceted systems to gain a competitive edge.

Unified communications systems are creating a new era of Charlotte business productivity. 800-637-3148

"Unified communication systems are more relevant now than ever before," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "Today, you can't afford to let other organizations have a better market presence by making themselves more readily available."

Unified Communications and Accelerating Your Business

Below are just a few of the ways that a unified communication system can accelerate your business:

  • Faster transaction completion. Unifying your communication mediums allows you to increase your transaction volume and reduce transaction costs.
  • Improved support for tasks. With instant access to coworkers through a variety of devices, you now have more support than ever for priority business tasks.
  • Automated notifications. Programmed notifications on multiple devices keep employees alert on scheduled meetings, conference calls, urgent memos and more.
  • Shortened sales cycles. With the ability to answer customer inquiries quicker and with access to more business resources to assist in closing a sale, your overall sale cycles can be shortened.

Unified communications systems can help your Charlotte business reduce expenses, improve productivity and your customer relations. 800-637-3148Collaborating through text, video or voice dramatically improves your ability to communicate, both within your business and externally with your customer base. This improved communication also leads to a higher quality of work. Since your staff will be able to compare and contrast information quicker, business decisions can be made more efficiently.

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