Increase productivity by consolidating your operating systems all into one using TelWare's unified communications!Unified communications refers to the integration of multiple real-time communication services into one source. It's our way of providing Charlotte companies with a sense of organizational consolidation for the plethora of services and devices your company uses to communicate. The main benefit is that it allows individuals to send and receive messages using different mediums.

Long gone are the times of a single medium of communication. With technological improvements happening so frequently, Charlotte businesses have more options for real-time communication then ever before. Now that a sense of communicative preference has been introduced into day-to-day operations, some people gravitate to certain services over others.

Unified communications brings a company’s communications and collaborative capabilities together. For example, you can receive an e-mail and choose to reply using an instant message or cell phone. The flow of communication is effortless for all parties under this business concept. Embrace a business environment where more time is spent working and producing results rather than waiting!

“The consolidation of services saves a lot of time for businesses,” says Mike Canipe of TelWare. “Business customers experience more time to prioritize on projects they would have not been able to address otherwise.”

Mediums of Communication United

Here are a few of the different communication services that are included in unified communications:

  • Instant messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Email
  • Call control
  • Data sharing
  • Multimodal communications
  • Unified messaging
  • Paging
  • Social media

Uses of Unified Communications

Here are some practical uses of unified communications:

  • Shorten sales
  • Emergencies
  • Adaption to market shifts
  • Transfer calls
  • Simplified system management
  • Real-time presence

Benefits of Unified Communications

Below are some of the benefits your company can expect:

  • No more productivity loss – employees can complete work from remote locations without having to report into the office.
  • Lower facility costs – office space can be consolidated with access to more technology in one place.
  • Reduction in travel expenses – by way to video, web and audio conferencing
  • Improved staff productivity – with more immediate access to each other, coworkers can finish work quicker.

Companies are predisposed for success with unified communication. Adopting these business tools will result in quicker business interactions, enhanced productivity and the avoidance of miscommunication. Employees can communicate with each other from virtually anywhere, at virtually anytime.

We look forward to assisting you in the consolidation of your communication outlets into a unified system. If you would like to speak further about how TelWare's unified communications can help your business, call Mike Canipe with Telware at 704-598-4700. Let us help you reenergize productivity and simplify your company’s communication systems by combing them into one!

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