Playing phone tag is no fun and games, particularly when it hurts business productivity or even causes you to lose out on business. It doesn’t have to be that way. Unified communications can help make sure that anyone trying to connect with you can do so – regardless of where you are and what device you happen to be using.

Unified communication is the concept of using technology to integrate real-time ways of communicating, such as video streams or voice calls, with non-real-time communication, such as e-mail. These capabilities are possible because all of the communications, including voice, are now data. When your communications are data, they are accessible to you in multiple ways and from multiple devices. For example, a call to your office phone can be sent to your mobile phone, or if you prefer, your tablet or computer. A voicemail message can be sent to you as an e-mail, or a text message.

Multi-site Integration

In addition to integrating communications for individual users, unified communications also helps workers collaborate amongst themselves. That means workers in multiple locations can work together more efficiently. Unified communication is finding wider adoption as businesses become more comfortable putting their information in the cloud. Infonetics Research, a market research firm, notes that unified communication is among the communications options selected by businesses as firms with more than one location need hybrid solutions. The technology is catching on with businesses of all sizes across the world. Infonetics calculates that cloud PBX and unified communications services will become a $12 billion a year market by 2018.

Stop Playing Phone Tag

Plain old telephone calls and e-mail are the way old-school business was done. Conducting business in the 21st century calls for a modern approach incorporating unified communications.

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