Tax preparation office owners have a lot to do to get ready for the start a new tax season. There is software to buy, employees to train, and Facebook posts to make, but one very important item that cannot be overlooked is reliable data backup.

Of course, tax preparation offices are not the only type of business that should have a good data backup system. However, their situation is a bit unique in that almost everything in a client's file is valuable and important information. To recreate data in that type of situation due to computer failure or fire would be a bit of a nightmare.

Simply put, a great backup system will help any tax office owner sleep a little better at night. Here are three critical reasons why specialized data backup is essential.

Restoration of Lost Data

If you own an office that prepares complex tax returns, it would be difficult to say the least to accurately recreate lost tax data. Depreciation schedules can carry forward for years, and if a company has a lot of depreciable assets, it would be almost impossible to accurately restore them manually. Other items such as loss carry-forwards, installment sales contracts, and other business and personal history would be have to be re-established, and any mistakes would have an effect on future tax returns.

Reliable data backup can effectively restore these items to their original state saving you time, money, and potential nervous breakdowns.

Identity Protection

If you are currently backing up your data to a disc or removable hard drive, you are potentially putting your customers' personal information at risk for identity theft. There is no password protection on the disc or hard drive you back up to. If the disc is stolen, there is nothing preventing someone from accessing thousands of social security numbers, dates of birth, and other personal financial information from the disc. Off-site data backup keeps your information safe and out of reach from potential thieves.

Reliable Backup

You and your employees could forget to back up your systems. A reliable off-site backup program will automatically run your backup, and your data will be stored in a different location. Therefore, should you have a fire or some other catastrophe at your office, your data will be safe and sound and ready to be restored.

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