The Importance of Call Reporting

When businesses make decisions with positive outcomes, they base their reasoning on concrete data. And call reporting provides those businesses with the exact metrics needed for fact-based judgments.

Utilize Call Data for Analysis

Call reporting, most often used in contact centers, provides businesses with a vast variety of real-time data, including:

  • the number of answered and dropped calls
  • sales results organized by campaign
  • call lengths and times
  • call volume
  • average wait time for customers
  • consumer statistics that can be tracked to improve geomarketing campaigns
  • call outcomes for each service representative or group
  • efficiency levels of call routing
  • unusual activity that may indicate a security breach or a need for IT service

With a meticulous log of call activity, you’ll gain a better understanding of your call center’s strengths and discover which areas need more polish. You’ll also have accurate data at your fingertips so that audits will run more smoothly and you can protect your business from incurring legal issues. Lastly, a firm grip of your call center’s metrics might reveal ways that you can cut spending, such as reducing the number of service representatives at times of low call volume.

Boost Customer-Service Levels

Most importantly, call-reporting metrics can be used to improve customer service, thus increasing consumer loyalty to your brand. For example, if managers notice that call volume is greater at specific times, they can plan to have additional customer-service representatives available to reduce wait times. Consumer statistics can also be used to provide a more personalized customer-service experience, and agents with a particular skill set can be matched to customers with specific needs or preferred methods of communication — from video conferencing to online chat.

Optimize Staff Training and Morale

With call recording, service representatives can assess their own performance — or trained mentors can evaluate calls and provided detailed feedback. Managers can also use data metrics to establish timely employee motivational programs, boosting staff morale and sales levels when needed most.

View Data at a Glance

Your call-reporting system is customizable so that managers can view data in preferred formats, from spreadsheets to visual graphs. Data can also be shared in a variety of ways, including easy-to-view PDFs, emailed reports, or on a browser interface in real time.

Regardless of format, call-reporting systems exist to help your business make informed, data-driven decisions that boost sales, improve customer service and enhance consumer loyalty.

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