A mixed sense of dread and eager anticipation sets in the moment you hear the words come out of your CEO’s mouth, “We have outgrown our current space and will be relocating our office across town to a larger facility. I need you to coordinate this move.”

As head of IT, you are excited to leave behind the spider web of twisted cable and equipment the old, cramped network closet has become for a newly-designed IT room, but the specter of the upcoming move looms over your every thought as the day approaches. How will you and your small team get countless workstations, the network server infrastructure, the phone system, and peripheral equipment disconnected, packed up, and reconnected at the new site in just one weekend? You are going to need some help. Sure the moving company can get the equipment to the new site, but who has the technical knowledge to get everything operational again? KCI_Logo

Kinetic Concepts, Inc (KCI) recently found the answer to this question when they moved their Charlotte, NC office across town. As a global medical device leader devoted to understanding, developing and commercializing innovative, high-technology transformational healing solutions for customers and patients around the world, KCI could not afford any downtime, so they brought in TelWare.

“With the team from TelWare, KCI was able to move 150 [workstations] from one office to another office on the other side of Charlotte in a 48 hour period without interruption to normal business operation,” says Ryan Stone, IT Project Manager for KCI.

Of course it goes without saying that there was a lot of prep work involved to get the new location ready for move-in day. Here’s what TelWare installed before the move:

"Brian Clontz and his team were a pleasure to partner with on this project and we here at the KCI Information Technology department appreciate the effort and the long hours from the TelWare team that helped make this project an overwhelming success.” -Ryan Stone

With the new office construction and inspections complete, TelWare technicians began the after-hours move on a warm Friday evening. In less than 48 hours, working in non-stop shifts, even through the night, TelWare technicians completed the following tasks:

  • Breakdown of 150 work stations (PCs, Monitors, telephones and miscellaneous devices) and packaging for the movers.
  • Removal of the network servers and devices from the network closet.
  • Removal of all the telephone equipment from the network closet.
  • Clearing out of the network closet of unneeded racks and accessories.
  • Transportation of the network and telephone equipment to the new site.
  • Installation of the network and telephone equipment in the new IT room and connection to the local telephone and internet service provider.
  • Reassembly of the work stations.
  • Testing of all equipment.

“Brian Clontz and his team from TelWare exceeded our expectations on every level for the KCI office move in Charlotte, NC,” says Stone. TelWare technicians even went beyond their scope of work to assemble and modify a conference table in order to finish the job without having to make a return visit.

TelWare has been successfully completing moves like this for more than two decades. If you need help relocating your IT equipment to a new workspace please contact us at 800-637-3148 or

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