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The beautiful part about technology is the constant evolution in our environment. It seems like every day, something cheaper, faster and more efficient is coming out. While the 3CX phone system is hardly new, it's evolving just like the rest of the technological world. There are a number of reasons why businesses should switch to this software-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system:

3CX Is Windows-Based

While many other IP PBX phone systems use Linux, the 3CX phone system is unique in that it runs on a Microsoft Windows server with standard server hardware. Since most businesses already run their data networks on Windows, it follows that businesses would want to run their phone systems on Windows as well. After all, most people are comfortable and familiar with Windows server administration.

Another advantage to using a software-based phone system is that costly proprietary hardware is no longer necessary. In addition, it's easy to install, manage and expand. Of course, having a Windows-based phone system also makes integration with widely used Window applications much easier.

3CX Is Affordable

Perhaps the most important benefit of this industry-recognized phone system is that it's inexpensive to purchase and expand. Most businesses can reduce costs up to 80 percent by switching over to a 3CX phone system. Here are a few ways that your business will save money:

  • With 3CX, you can easily add lines, extensions, and features at no cost — without extra hardware. Conversely, with traditional PBX phone systems, adding additional extensions results in extra licensing costs.
  • Because you can use VoIP, SIP trunks, Skype Connect, Wi-Fi, or 3G with a 3CX phone system, your phone bill will be greatly reduced. By using interoffice bridges, you can connect to remote offices, and all calls between offices are free.
  • With an easy-to-use interface, you can say good-bye to high consulting fees; you'll be able to configure extensions in-house.
  • Reduce the cost of traveling by using 3CX web conferencing. You'll communicate with staff or clients no matter where they are without the worry of monthly subscription fees.

3CX Is Easy to Upgrade

Version 15 came out this year, thrilling fans of 3CX. According to 3CX CEO Nick Galea, version 15 offers "unified communications systems with zero admin, bulletproof security, integrated video conferencing, [and] more applications integrations. ..." Luckily, obtaining upgrades is a painless and quick process with 3CX. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to download, and the changes are applied immediately.

Overall, 3CX will help your business decrease costs while giving you more control. Learn more about the advantages of a 3CX phone system in Part 2.

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