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Last weekend, the North Carolina coast was tested by the wrath of Hurricane Florence. Carolinians prepared for the storm by storing food and water, buying generators, cutting trees, and even evacuating their homes in some instances. As families and businesses left the area to find refuge, a few of our brave employees headed to the scene to lend a hand in the relief effort.

On the afternoon of September 15, Scott Morrison, Scott Dover, and Kenny Krause packed up their TelWare vehicles and set out to the coast. Harris Teeter called in an emergency ticket to TelWare, asking for help with their Wilmington and Hampstead locations. Our team of technicians and cabling experts knew they had their work cut out for them, as the damage to the stores was yet to be determined. The team spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning working to bring the two Harris Teeter networks back online and get their phone and internet systems up and running again. By late Sunday morning, all power and communications had been restored. Thanks to these men, Harris Teeter was open to the community again. Harris Teeter was the only store open in both areas to provide relief.

Harris Teeter after Hurricane

Very few times in life do people get to experience the impact of the effort they put forth. Fortunately for Scott Dover, he got to witness one of these rare moments. Acting as support in case of technical difficulties, Scott stayed behind on Sunday and watched as hundreds of people lined up outside the doors of Harris Teeter in Wilmington to buy household needs. Due to the maximum capacity of the store and the need for an orderly shopping experience, attendees were set up at entrances to control the flow of traffic. Even though people had to wait an hour or more just to enter the store, Scott said the amount of gratitude in the air was truly inspiring: “It was really moving to see people interacting so positively in the aftermath of hardship. People were so grateful that Harris Teeter was open it didn’t matter that they had to wait.”

Because of the hard work our twenty-four-hour emergency support put in, Harris Teeter was able to get up and running immediately after the hurricane. Thank you to our fearless employees for being willing to help the community at such an important time. We would also like to thank all the people who aided in the relief of Hurricane Florence. The amount of work and effort people put into helping others during times of tragedy is inspiring. From linemen to power companies and more, we want to recognize the people from all over who pitched in to support the relief effort.

Aftermath of hurricane across the street from Harris Teeter

Aftermath of Hurricane across the Street from Harris Teeter in Wilmington

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