At TelWare, we always strive to be the best communications company we can be. That includes testing out the newest telecom products, keeping up with industry news, and specializing in white-glove service.

Recently, we've started taking that idea a few steps futher. Team TelWare is improving our business and personal health by cutting the paper and cutting the calories!

Cutting the Calories

Being fit is contageous, and we've got an epidemic in the office. Every day, a few minutes before 5 p.m., the TelWare employees buzz around the restrooms like bees to a flower. You'd think the official TelWare uniform is work-out attire if you came in right at closing time!

TelWare Gets Fit

Once a week, Team TelWare meets up to work out. We've also installed a new pull-up bar in the office, so we can knock out a few reps between support calls. Of course, the number of reps has turned into a highly competitive challenge for many of the employees! In addition to working out, everyone is encouraging each other to eat healthy. Team TelWare is saving calories (and money) by eating in the office more. Why have a kitchenette if you're not using it? One unfortunate side effect ... no one is buying the Girl Scout cookies in the break room!

Cutting the Paper

TelWare has recently switched to a new ticketing system to go paperless! Instead of sending the technician on-site with the hard-copy ticket, we're sending them with a mobile phone and phone app. As we move into the digital world, we're doing more and more tasks virtually. Making this change hasn't come without its difficulties. One client was the unfortunate recipient of 300 emails before we stopped the auto reponses from our two companies replying to one another. Hey, it's better than printing 300 copies accidentally!

 ECO keyboard, Green recycling concept.jpeg

We're also going paperless with our invoicing. If you currently get a paper invoice and would like to go green, simply let us know! We can update your billing information on file immediately!

For more information, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communication solutions. TelWare is an authorized Avaya, Star2Star, 3CX and SimpleWAN dealer.

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