TelWare is pleased to announce that we recently completed a Charlotte business telephone system project for The Idea People! For this project, TelWare designed and implemented an updated business telephone system for The Idea People's new office location and assisted them in getting a new voice and data plan. We are happy to report that this was all completed and the new office location was up and running with virtually no system downtime!

The Idea People are one of Charlotte's top creative technology and marketing agencies and they have been rapidly expanding. To accomodate their additional team members, they were moving into a new office space located in Charlotte's South End District. They knew the move provided the perfect opportunity to upgrade their 10-year-old business telephone system and get a new voice and data plan but were nervous about navigating the myriad of options available and wanted to avoid prolonged downtime. Fortunately, TelWare was there to help!

"From our initial meeting to our actual move-in day, TelWare addressed all of our concerns and provided us with excellent customer service," says Lucas Weber, Director of Content and Social Marketing for The Idea People. "TelWare helped us understand all of our available options and walked us through which ones would best suit our unique needs. They made it seem so simple that we wondered why we had waited so long to update everything!"

Charlotte Business Phone Systems Made Easy

The Idea People's concerns about upgrading their business phone system and finding a new voice and data plan are among the most common concerns we hear from clients. Most Charlotte businesses get a phone system when they start their business and don't think about it again until a problem arises. This course of action is normal for most businesses because you can't be expected to run your business and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in business telephone systems. The problem is that you are likely to suffer a loss in productivity on two levels: the first is a loss in productivity due to using outdated technology and not taking advantage of all of the tools that are available to you; the second is loss in productivity due to system downtime when a problem occurs.

The reality is that you need to be able to focus on what's most important - running your business. This is where TelWare can help! Below are a few examples of the steps that TelWare went through with The Idea People to help guide them through the updating process:

  • Determined the current size and projected size of their business, factoring in plenty of room for growth.
  • Determined usage and potential future usages, once again, factoring in plenty of room for growth.
  • Performed line analysis.
  • Solicited bids from competing carriers for voice and data plans.
  • Managed disconnect and change over of existing service on moving day to ensure minimum downtime.
  • Provided technical support on moving day and afterwards to ensure that they were taking advantage of all of the new tools available to them.

These are just of few examples of the common steps we take to help clients navigate all of the options available for business telephone systems and voice and data plans.

Proper Planning Results in Minimal Downtime

As a result of our careful planning, The Idea People experience virtually no system downtime. In fact, they were receiving calls on their new system while they were directing the movers as to were to put the office furniture.

"We were surprised to hear our phones ringing while we were moving into our new office," says Weber. "It was a pleasant surprise to find out that when TelWare said there would be virtually no system downtime, they really meant it!"

To learn more about how TelWare can help you design and implement your new business telephone system, please call Mike Canipe at 704-409-3136. We look forward to helping you get back to focusing on what really matters - running your business!

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