Travis of Team TelWare 2

Travis served four years in the United States Army from 2009-2013. Having served in Iraq from 2010-2011, Travis is one of the many war veterans in the office. During his time in the Army, Travis was a heavy equipment engineer. We take pride in having Travis a part of Team TelWare.

Travis of Team TelWare

Purple Heart Homes PHH Travis would like to use his spotlight to bring attention to Purple Heart Homes (PHH). Based in North Carolina, PHH has many projects in our community. Consider donating to Purple Heart Homes in honor of Travis today.

From everyone at TelWare, thank you.

There are over 775,000 veterans in North Carolina. All this week and on November 11th, Veterans Day, we honor those who have served our country. It is their sacrifice for the common good that we would like to honor. Throughout this week, Team TelWare will post tribute blogs for our veterans. Help us honor them by thanking a veteran this week.

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