Dan recently celebrated his 19th anniversary at TelWare! That accomplishment alone gets him a world of thanks from Team TelWare. This week, however, we’re thanking Dan for being a veteran.

Dan from Team TelWare during his time in the Navy 1988Dan joined the United States Navy in 1988 and served for four years. During this time, he was located in California — but was based in San Diego for boot camp, the San Francisco area for training, and Los Angeles for his duty assignment. Ironically, Dan only spent a total of five days on a ship during his entire time in the Navy. Dan comments, “Looking back, I wish I had done a West Pac* cruise to see more of the world.” Dan was lucky in one regard; he stayed on U.S. soil although the Gulf War was going on during his time in service.

Dan reflects on his military experience: “I feel the Navy taught me how to make it on my own. Going from high school to the west coast was not an easy transition, but it is what I feel I needed to become a man on my own. I made many friends who I am still in contact with today, thanks to social media.” His feelings reflect those of many veterans who joined the military straight out of high school. Dan would encourage young adults in need of opportunities to better themselves to look at the military as an option.

Dan's charity of choice is Shriners Hospitals for Children.


From everyone at TelWare, thank you.

There are over 775,000 veterans in North Carolina. All this week and on November 11th, Veterans Day, we honor those who have served our country. It is their sacrifice for the common good that we would like to honor. Throughout this week, Team TelWare will post tribute blogs for our veterans. Help us honor them by thanking a veteran this week.

*Western Pacific

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