Destroyer Myles C. Fox covered in iceBob enlisted and served in the United States Navy from 1969-1972. After boot camp and tech school, he boarded the USS Myles C. Fox (DD 829), a destroyer named after a heroic World War II Marine Corps lieutenant. Bob spent two years at sea traveling around the world. He had two combat tours in Vietnam during Operation Linebacker.

Bob is also a “Shellback,” meaning he crossed the equator on a Navy ship. (Prior to traveling across the line, sailors are referred to as “Pollywogs.”) Bob recalls the line-crossing initiation fondly: “You had to put on every article of clothing inside out and backwards and wear it all day. Your underwear is outside of your clothes.”

During Bob's time in the United States Navy, he was a member of the shipboard soccer team. As the ship traveled, Bob and his team were able to play in 14 different countries.

Bob on USS Myles C. Fox

Tonkin Gulf

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