Telecommunications Consultants 704-598-4700Today's rapidly-changing business environment combined with the frenetic pace of communications technology innovation is making it virtually impossible for business to stay ahead of the curve. There are more telecommunications solutions available today than ever before. Determining the best communications system for your company's needs can be a daunting task. Fortunately, TelWare offers telecommunications consulting services to help guide the client

For the past 28 years, TelWare has been designing voice, data, video, and internet communications solutions for satisfied business customers across the Carolinas. TelWare can help you navigate the confusing maze of telecomm services by acting as your consultant to design a network blueprint for secure, reliable carrier services. Then we work with leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers to create a cost-effective solution based on your unique needs.

"TelWare helps companies understand, utilize, and deploy communications technology that increases productivity and reduces operating costs," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "We work with each client to develop a solution tailored to their specific needs."

Telecommunications Consulting Services Saves Money

Telecom expenses are generally the third highest overhead expense for a business. It is not uncommon for us to find a 15% - 40% savings in this expense for our clients. Acting as a consultant to your carrier selection process we will analyze the existing billing services and rates, determine usage, perform line analysis, solicit for competing carriers, manage the disconnect/change over of the existing service, perform a post install review, and annual billing review and account maintenance.

"TelWare is an agent for over 50 telecommunication service providers," says Canipe. "These relationships, coupled with our expertise, allows us to help our clients determine the best voice, data, video, and internet products for their businesses, typically resulting in significant cost reductions."

These are just a few of the consultative services TelWare offers. Below are some additional services we offer our clients to ensure they have the best solutions to keep pace with the demands of the 21st century.

Develop Inventory, Business & Technical Requirements

  • Analyze current services.
  • Product detailed inventory in scope.
  • Develop requirements.
  • Evaluate contractual and technical options.

Develop Competitive Bid & Negotiation Documents

  • Set strategy.
  • Identify and evaluate potential solutions and providers.
  • Develop all required documentation.

Go to Market & Sourcing Event Execution

  • Manage bidder presentations and communications.
  • Normalize proposals.
  • Produce award scenario analysis.
  • Develop award business case, ROI, savings, and TCO.

Contract Negotiations

  • Negotiate contractual terms and language.
  • Leverage relationships and escalations.
  • Manage contract signing and archival.

Deployment & Contract Implementation

  • Verify vendor contract activation and compliance.
  • Provide handoff and contract management documentation.

To learn more about TelWare's telecommunications consulting services, contact Mike Canipe with TelWare at 704-598-4700. We look forward to helping you leverage today's telecom technology to improve business productivity while reducing costs!

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