Legacy phone systems are still in active use by thousands of Charlotte businesses. 800-637-3148

For many Charlotte businesses, it can be tough finding qualified telephone providers with service technicians who are familiar with legacy phone systems. Due to the economy recovering slower than expected, many businesses don't have room in their budgets for an entire phone system upgrade. But that shouldn't interfere with their phone service or their ability to do business. At TelWare, our team has experience with thousands of legacy phone system clients and is fully equipped to maintain, service and troubleshoot these systems.

Legacy Phone Systems

What is a legacy phone system? Essentially, it's a system that works, perhaps not with as many bells and whistles as newer phone systems, but enough to keep your business running.

"Legacy phone systems present unique challenges," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "That's why we keep a large inventory of both new and used parts in our warehouse, so we can help our customers face these challenges head-on and keep their systems functional, regardless of age."

Reasons for Keeping Legacy Phone Systems

This topic raises a good question for many businesses: If newer business telephone systems are constantly being released, what is the rationale behind keeping a legacy phone system? Although dated, there are many reasons legacy systems have remained a trend in a time where new technology quickly overshadows its predecessor, including:

  • Cost - For an entire business, upgrading to a new phone system can reach into several thousands of dollars. Replacing or redesigning your business phone system also requires significant time. Time spent researching and shopping around for a new phone system subtracts time from other high priority business tasks.
  • Features - Many of these systems come with features like voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID. Therefore, upgrading to a newer, more expensive phone system can be unnecessary when you can remain working with a legacy system and its features that enhance the quality of collaboration.
  • Service Interruptions - Replacing your phone system means your service will be disrupted, potentially creating an interruption in your business operations. There's also the risk of technical difficulties involved with the installation and initial service of new phone systems. This could cost your business much more than anticipated in unscheduled company-wide downtime.
  • Productivity - Legacy phone systems may have strong networking and management solutions that improve operational efficiencies. The use of traditional telephone lines still lead Charlotte businesses to the same resources needed for upward growth, discovery of new opportunities and a competitive edge in demanding markets. TelWare has the service professionals available to handle any service complication related to legacy phone systems.800-637-3148

Let's face it, there are times when the phone system you're using works perfectly for your business. If that's the case, you need service professionals with the knowledge and experience to handle service issues so your business doesn't miss a beat.

"We understand that many types of phone systems were built to last, and they're going to keep working for a very long time," says Canipe. "So, while a lot of service technicians abandon their focus of legacy phone systems, we continue to keep trained staff on-hand to assist you with any related service issue."

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