Video conferences are a wonderful tool. Talking about business matters face to face without leaving the office can speed up agreements while saving time and money. However, using the tools carelessly can give away business secrets.

Necessary Precautions

The people you talk with may work with you in some ways but compete in others. They might find it tempting to learn a bit more about your business than you'd like. With video images of everything within range of the camera, and with audio recordings of anyone who wanders too near the microphone, they might find the temptation irresistible.

Holding conferences from a closed room rather than a cubicle reduces these risks. If you have to talk from your desk, have the camera tightly focused on you. Before the call, think about what else it might show. Are there product plans on the whiteboard or diagrams on a screen within the camera's range?

Make sure to turn the camera and microphone off at the end of the conference. We've all seen comedies where someone makes a stupid remark without realizing the microphone is still live. It happens in real life, too.

Security Concerns

Other people might be interested in your conferences, too. If you don't use secure protocols when conducting a conference, snoopers can intercept it as it travels over the Internet. Some devices have serious security holes that attackers can exploit. Administrators sometimes disable firewalls for video conferences because they slow traffic down or make configuration difficult. This might be convenient, but it puts conferencing at serious risk.

After establishing a foothold, an attacker can take control of the camera and microphone, record conversations, and zoom in on distant points. A business should guard access to conferencing with the same level of security it uses to protect its documents.

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