Phone system maintenance saves businesses on radical prices of installing an entirely new phone system. 800-637-3148 For most businesses, their phone system is a direct link to their customers. As one of the most important tools for success, your phone system is an investment that requires routine maintenance to ensure it continues serving your growing business' needs. Keeping up with your phone system's maintenance is a great way to save money and reduce downtime associated with phone system crashes.

At TelWare, we provide exceptional business phone system maintenance plans designed around efficient service from our industry-leading technicians. But, why do you need a maintenance plan? To budget for fixed costs. Most manufacturers offer at least a one-year warranty. This can be comforting during the initial purchase phase, but who pays for the labor required to identify malfunctions from truly faulty parts? Who then professionally removes them (without voiding the manufacurer's warranty), while directly dealing with the manufacturer? Unfortunately the manufacturer's warranty does not cover these services, and they certainly won't pay a service company to perform this on your behalf.

"With a system maintenance plan, you are ensured your phone system is never down for long, if at all," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "You will never have to pay for a new part when damage is experienced through normal use. Common maintenance practices, such as moves, adds and changes are provided at a discounted rate."

Phone System Maintenance Plan Holders Have Access To:

  • 24/7 Parts and Labor Coverage – Parts need to be replaced periodically. If your telecom equipment becomes defective or experiences failure during normal use we will replace it and install it for free.
  • Priority Status – All contracted customers receive priority status for parts and services over non-contracted customers. Your system will always have guaranteed immediate support from our factory-certified technicians.
  • Included Services – Contracted customers receive services such as remote changes, help desk, training of new staff, premise visits and special equipment pricing.
  • Faster Response Time – For major system outages and emergencies, your contract guarantees you a maximum 4-hour response time so your system will never be down for long.

Additional Benefits of Phone System Maintenance

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Added Comfort and Peace of Mind

Phone system maintenance saves businesses on radical prices of installing an entirely new phone system. 800-637-3148"Why put your business through the inconvenience of a phone system crisis, when routine maintenance by industry leading technicians is so readily available?" asks Canipe. "We're delivering maintenance services that customers can count on. Our goal is to catch and fix any potential problem before it develops into a serious source of concern."

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